WWE 2K20 Developer Explains Why 2K Sports Decided To Stop Working With Yukes

WWE 2K20 Developer Explains Why 2K Sports Decided To Stop Working With Yukes
Credit: 2K

Now that more details have surfaced about the upcoming pro wrestling game WWE 2K20, it’s quite clear why the devs at 2K Sports decided to hold off on showing any gameplay until the last possible minute, as the game’s graphics and character models have somehow gotten worse. Also, the gameplay doesn’t look different from previous years, which is typically the case with annual sports-related titles.

Before the developer of the annual WWE game began development on 2K20, it was revealed that their longtime partner — Yukes — was no longer working with them. At the time, it seemed like the departure was going to have a positive impact on the game, but instead, the game looks far less spectacular than its predecessors.

During a recent interview with Dual Shockers, Lynell Jinks, who is 2K Sports’ creative director, explained why 2K and Yukes decided to go their separate ways.

“When you have an outside person coming in and telling you how they want the game to be, and when you’ve been working on the game for so long, it’s going to create some friction,” said 2K’s creative director while speaking with Dual Shockers. “It’s going to create some back and forth. It’s hard to be a really cohesive unit in that way, especially that first year when we’re coming in and asking them to get out of their comfort zone.”

After splitting with 2K Sports, it was reported that Yukes will make a new WWE game, which will be presented as an alternative to the 2K series. As for what they’re working on, well, we don’t know yet, but rumor has it that the devs are remaking the 2003 classic, WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain.

Some have suggested that instead of making a new WWE game, Yukes will partner up with the newly launched All Elite Wrestling to create an AEW video game, which truly would be an alternative to 2K’s WWE series.

But for now, if you’re a wrestling fan who is looking for an alternative to the WWE 2K series, the only other option you have is Fire Pro Wrestling World, which is New Japan Pro Wrestling’s video game.

2K recently revealed all the game modes that’ll be featured in their upcoming WWE game, and sadly, the game won’t feature the long-missed General Manager mode. Instead, the game will continue with the WWE Universe Mode, which replaced the GM Mode after the release of SmackDown vs. Raw 2008.

WWE 2K20 is currently scheduled to be released on consoles and PC on October 22.