World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands To Finally Give Hunters The Ability To Tame Undead Pets

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands To Finally Give Hunters The Ability To Tame Undead Pets
Credit: Traxium via YouTube

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be getting its prepatch later today, dropping at 3:00 PM (PST), depending on if maintenance takes longer than expected. This prepatch is bringing a massive number of changes across the board, radically changing the game.

We’ve discussed the prepatch pretty extensively, and with good reason. With new cosmetic customization options, abilities, talents, and a complete overhaul to the leveling system, it can’t be understated how massive of a change the prepatch is bringing to the game.

One of the less-global changes being brought in affects hunters specifically, bringing a much-desired addition for the class. With the prepatch, hunters will finally be able to tame undead animals to serve as pets.

This was something that was never allowed before, as undead animals were classified as “undead” instead of “beast,” making it so that they couldn’t be tamed. Blizzard will be expanding the possible hunter pets considerably with this change.

Undead hunters – the Horde Forsaken race, not the classification – will be able to do this immediately and innately without needing to learn the ability. Others will need to learn the ability before they march off to Northrend or the Plaguelands and track down their favorite rotting pup.

For all others, they’ll need to discover the Simple Tome of Bone-Binding in the Shadowlands. Currently, we don’t know exactly where this item appears or how to obtain it, so don’t expect to hop on your hunter and go searching for the pet you want right off the pat.

The Simple Tome of Bone-Binding is an item that, on use, teaches you the “dark secret to taming Undead beasts.” The tome holds the following flavor text:

“A tome written by members of the house of Rituals, in large letters and using simple words, to teach the House of the Chosen members how to bind undead beasts to them. There are pictures.”

Condescending flavor aside, this is a wonderful addition for hunters and brings a huge number of new trainables that players have been wanting forever. Having served as one of the first classes at launch, usable by both factions, in a game with a steady undead presence, players have been asking Blizzard for this change since release in 2004.

Now that it’s finally here, there’s a whole new world of reanimated beasts out there waiting to be tamed! If you have your eye on any of the undead animals that you’ve been wanting to tame, your chance to grab your favorite new friend is coming up quickly.