Winter Might Be Coming – CS:GO Operation 10 Is Rumored To Deploy ‘Really Soon’

Winter Might Be Coming – CS:GO Operation 10 Is Rumored To Deploy ‘Really Soon’
Credit: lennonMK via YouTube

It’s plausible yet tenuous, as all things from Valve somehow end up being; with the mash-up of ‘Valve time‘ and the number of outlets desperate to have any form of information coming from Valve means deep-diving through databases and rumors, this is simply how we tend to understand what Valve is readying before it is.

The next operation, Operation 10 (name unknown) has appeared to be leaked thanks to the Steam Database (SteamDB), the same way that we’ve discovered that Persona 4 Golden was actually being ported over for a release on Steam.

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This could be all wild speculation, but the SteamDB update does match the updates doled out for the past operation Shattered Web. We strongly recommend a good dose of pessimism with closely-clutched hope.

The SteamDB leaks appear to be accurate; the changes implied in the tweets that people have been scouring to learn more about if and when the next operation would arrive are merited.

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Many are currently refraining from comment on the operation, as a good bit is currently unknown aside from an oft-repeated mantra: ‘Winter is Coming’.

This seems to be a cheeky reference to a new map coming to Dangerzone along with a rumored Office remake. Deep dives in the past attempting to peer too closely into Counter-Strike have met with fascinating results from the official Counter-Strike Twitter account.

That this response is being brought up has relevance: the same Twitter user was discussing an apparent beta in Steam last year.

Further, we seem to run across a new article or video every day that states some user on the internet has information that Source 2 is ‘totally coming out next week’ to which it never does; people have literally built careers off of the wild speculation that tends to surround Valve’s every movement in the PC industry.

The same people that have erroneously called Source 2’s arrival for years are now hopping onto this, which appears to further discredit the idea more than anything.

If you’re looking for optimism, it’s there: on November 18, 2019, we had the last operation called Shattered Web; almost a year ago was the last operation, and people are starting to chomp at the bit for a new operation with skins and perhaps a map or two.

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It’s high-time that Valve gives their yearly penance to the millions of players that can’t resist one more match, and we can’t think of a better way to step into the holidays.