What’s The Weird Buzzing Sound Happening In Apex Legends Season 5? Don’t Worry, Your Headset Isn’t Broken

What’s The Weird Buzzing Sound Happening In Apex Legends Season 5? Don’t Worry, Your Headset Isn’t Broken
Credit: Respawn Via YouTube

Apex Legends Season 5, Fortune’s Favor, has brought many new things to the arena. King’s Canyon has been drastically changed, Loba has been introduced with teleportation abilities, and the game’s lighting gives the map a different feel. However, a few new bugs have made an appearance.

That strange buzzing sound you can hear is not your headset. It’s a high-pitched screeching that sounds like it might be caused by some technical problem with your headset, but no, it’s a sound generated by Apex. You don’t need to buy a new pair of headphones.

Some have speculated that the sound is a bug caused by Loba’s new teleportation Bracelet, her Jump Drive tactical. Or it could be something to do with the new map additions, such as the Ultimate Charge Towers. No one from Respawn has mentioned the bug officially.

Respawn also pushed a server-side patch to address some of the consistent hit registration issues. This sort of bug is quite common when new patches are launched for Apex Legends, but this time around it’s very prevalent. Top streamers and competitive players took to social media to complain about the game’s broken hit reg.

The game is also undergoing some server issues. Though the performance is better than at previous season’s launches, there is still rubberbanding, most commonly on PC. It seems, so far, that some of the server crashing issues have been fixed.

Apex Legend’s new reconnect fixture is also working as intended – when you disconnect your character stays totally still and can be killed by other players. When you rejoin you get to leave off from where you disconnected, with all your loot intact.

Considering the quick launch of a hotfix for the hit reg issues (within 3 days of the Season starting) it’s likely to Respawn will also push a fix for the sound bug, as long as they’re aware of it. You can report in-game issues to EA and take to social media to let them know there are issues in-game.