Ustwo Games Is Releasing Their Third Monument Valley Game While Searching For A New Game Director

Ustwo Games Is Releasing Their Third Monument Valley Game While Searching For A New Game Director
Credit: Ustwo Games

The original Monument Valley launched in 2014 and was met with great reviews because of its art style and unique puzzles. Three years later Monument Valley 2 was released, and fans rejoiced at a chance to explore a whole new experience of the puzzle game. Now in 2019 Ustwo Games has confirmed a third game in the series.

This announcement was made rather suddenly and although fans are happy for a new experience they were not expecting the third game. There has been much discussion going around on Twitter about the third game of the series and the new position open for a Game Director at their company.

Monument Valley is a puzzle game that can be solved by simply bending your perspective. You must navigate the small characters around the level and solve little puzzles. From what is known about the third installment fans are expecting it to be the same experience.

The questions start arising when you add in a new Game Director. There is no telling what their creative vision could be and how they would augment the game. Although many are sure the game will remain the same, a fresh set of eyes could bring a fresh set for levels for players to burn through.

The game has a major focus on impossible objects or sacred geometry as the game puts it. The goal is to find the exit on every level. This game has been released on iOS, Android, and Windows Phones in the past and will probably release their third version on the same set of devices.

The game has been seen in many places including the third season of House of Cards in which one of the characters is playing the game. In August of last year, Paramount Animation and Weed Road announced a partnership with Ustwo to develop a live-action/CGI hybrid film based on the game and the princesses kingdom.

The game director position is sure to have a seat at the discussion table with many of Ustwo’s plans and endeavors. It is a high-level position, but they are accepting applications from anyone who is willing to apply.

Could you be material for the new Game Director position? If you think you have what they are looking for, the application is attached to the tweet above. You could be the next big name in the game industry, and this could be your chance into that world.