Upcoming Telltale Batman Shadows Edition Announced and Then Seemingly Unannounced

Upcoming Telltale Batman Shadows Edition Announced and Then Seemingly Unannounced
Credit: Father via YouTube

It’s fitting that a game about the world’s greatest detective would come with a bit of confusion and detective work. Recently, Athlon Games and Telltale Games issued a release notice of a new Telltale Batman game, The Telltale batman Shadows Edition.

The Shadows Edition wasn’t going to be a fully-fledged new game, but instead a DLC pack for the already-existing Telltale Batman games. Purchasing the pack gave the customer Batman: The Telltale Series base game as well as the DLC for $29.99, but those that already owned the base game could purchase the DLC for $4.99 instead.

The issue is that, despite being announced at the 2019 Game Awards, fans have been able to find no trace of the announcement since then. As the above tweet shows, the presser was dated to be the fifth of this month and stated that the game would be “available today,” so where is it?

All of the proof we have comes from people that were present at the announcement during the 2019 Game Awards. The tidbits that they’ve snagged, such as the included tweet, provide everything we know about the game.

That said, it seems that the “game” really is just a DLC pack – and an incredibly underwhelming one at that. The Shadows Edition is just what the name says, as all it seems to do according to the presser is give the game a noir-style appearance.

That’s great and all, but it also isn’t something that a modder couldn’t have done for free. If games like Skyrim and Fallout have shown us anything, it’s that the modding community can radically change the appearance and function of a game. So why would anyone want to pay five dollars just to make their Batman game have a noir-style appearance?

Of course, we also aren’t getting the full picture off of that one now-revoked announcement. Perhaps there was more to the game than was said in the presser. One would certainly hope so as if it only includes an aesthetic filter, that would be a massive letdown for fans of the game.

The status of the game is currently unknown, and Telltale has remained quiet on the issue. At first assumption, you might think that they had the announcement in case they were prepared to launch and ran into a few snags, delaying their launch by an unknown amount of time. Either way, with the buzz going on, there’s a good chance we’ll hear more about this shadowy game edition soon.