Unrailed And Lawn Mowing Simulator Are Two New Free Games Available From The Epic Games Store

Unrailed And Lawn Mowing Simulator Are Two New Free Games Available From The Epic Games Store
Credit: pcgamer

The weekly free offer on the Epic Games Store has already been changed. Lawn Mowing Simulator can be added for free to your collection up until August.

As the name implies, Lawn Mowing Simulator requires you to operate a wide range of lawn mowers while producing authentic works of art on various levels. Furthermore, it invites you to start your horticulture business in the UK countryside in addition to the cutting experience.

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After August 4, Unrailed, a straightforward and enjoyable game ideal for playing with others, will take the place of Lawn Mowing Simulator. Unrailed! is a collaborative multiplayer game that encourages players to construct railroad tracks with little building equipment in limitless dynamically created landscapes.

Unrailed is a train-building game with completely random environments and cubic graphics for those who may not be aware of the title. Anyone looking for a game to play with their co-op group should give it a try because it supports both local and internet co-op.

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When it first came out in 2020, Unrailed received a mixed bag of reviews from critics, but user feedback has been far more favorable. Fans are welcome to try it out and form their own opinions without investing any money because it will be free through the Epic Games Store starting next week.

Although this type of simulator game is undoubtedly specialized, it has its supporters. Those interested can now play it for free without having to pay a subscription or anything like that. The Epic Games Store launcher only needs to be downloaded.

Fans should have plenty more free games to look toward each week since the Epic Games Store free games promotion will go through 2022.

Although the Epic Games Store may go back to offering two free games at once, for the time being, fans can count on being given at least one free game per week.