Totally Reliable Delivery Service Is Live On Consoles And Mobile Devices!

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Is Live On Consoles And Mobile Devices!
Credit: Totally Reliable Delivery Service Official Website

If you love goofy, ridiculous gameplay, then We’re Five Games is here with some great news for you. Their silly title, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, is now live on all platforms.

But if you’re trying to grab it on PC, there’s an even better treat waiting for you. Totally Reliable Delivery Service launched on the Epic Games store for free! And not just free to play for a limited time, either – it turns out that the Epic Games Store is offering it as free-to-keep until April 9th.

You’ll be trying to work together with your friends with your characters controlling in silly and nearly-spineless ways in a physics-based gameplay engine. As you might expect from the title, the game pits you and your friends against the world as you try to deliver packages against whatever the physics engine wants to throw at you.

There’s plenty of vehicles for you to jump into hilarity with. boats, planes, cars, carts, delivery trucks, hot air balloons – whatever you can think of! And you’re free to take whatever path you need to take to get your packages delivered, so long as you do get them delivered.

The game controls similar to Boneloaf’s Gang Beasts, with your characters being able to grab onto most surfaces and fight against the physics engine. Character design is also somewhat similar, so there’s a clear influence from that fun party game into this one. When it comes to gameplay, though, Totally Reliable Delivery Service cranks the ridiculousness up to 11.

We’re Five Games worked hard on this title to bring the ridiculousness to bear. After a bit more than 2 years in production, the title is now available on PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, iOS, and Google Play.

This is the third game from the developers, with their last two being a casual FPS titled Morphite and a dungeon-style arcade game called Hammer Bomb which was only available on iOS and Google Play. This foray into multiplayer ridiculousness seems to be their most ambitious title yet.

It’s also fantastic to have another casual multiplayer game to help with the current climate of the world. If you’re like millions of other gamers who have been cooped up in their house to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely a welcome time to have a silliness-fueled title where you and three of your friends can do whatever nonsense you need to do to get your packages delivered.