Top Overwatch Players Walk Away From The League To Continue Streaming

Top Overwatch Players Walk Away From The League To Continue Streaming

Top Overwatch Players Walk Away From The League To Continue Streaming

Top Overwatch Players Walk Away From The League To Continue Streaming

Only four months after joining the Overwatch League, Daniel Francesca (a.k.a Dafran) has decided to bid competitive play goodbye.

The Atlanta Reign officially announced this. But his fans should not be sad as their idol will not be hanging up his jersey. However, it will remain a member of the “stream team.”

In a statement, Reign said that Daniel informed the team of his retirement even before the first stage of the playoffs. This move showed his great respect for his team and the fans.

Though he wanted to go out with a bang, he didn’t want to draw too much attention to himself. He just wanted him and the team to focus on the Overwatch competition.

Reign also expressed its gratitude to Daniel for being a part of the team. They described the 25-year-old Danish player as gifted, funny, intelligent and self-deprecating.

He was an outstanding game leader, teammate as well as a friend to everyone in the organization. Reign said it will miss Daniel and will continue supporting him, according to PC Gamer.

Despite his brief tenure, Daniel was among the most popular players in the league. Retailer Fanatics reported that he owned the best-selling jersey. On the other hand, his outstanding professional career has been tainted by controversy. In 2017, he was suspended by his former team Selfless Gaming and Overwatch contenders for throwing matches and griefing.

Later on, Daniel explained that his inappropriate behavior was due to his desire to move away from competitive gaming. He then admitted that competing was something he did not enjoy.

What he did like was streaming and the fame that came with it. This was among the issues he subtly mentioned in his retirement statement.

In his statement, Daniel thanked Reign for allowing him to be a member of the team. He shared that professional gaming had always been his dream since he was a young boy. However, he said that his priorities have shifted. At this time, he would rather do streaming and just take it easy.

Daniel has always been a fan-favorite even before he formally joined the Overwatch League. Though he started as a giant troll, he easily made his transition into the league.

This delighted his followers who were excited to see him officially becoming a part of a team. He did not let his fans down as he lived up to the hype, reported Kotaku.

Due to his unorthodox gaming style, Daniel was considered a trailblazer in the league. As older players continued to use conventional game strategies, he wasn’t afraid to try innovative ones.

For instance, he was able to convince his Reign teammates to help his ski on top of a roof and jump over enemy lines. Even Overwatch commentators were amazed by his moves.