This One Is A Fighting Game For The Ages: Lizardcube’s Streets of Rage 4 Releases To Critical Acclaim Everywhere

This One Is A Fighting Game For The Ages: Lizardcube’s Streets of Rage 4 Releases To Critical Acclaim Everywhere
Credit: Dotemu via YouTube

Over the past years, there have been a grand total of four iterations of the video game known as Streets of Rage. If you count them up, this equates to one, two, three, and now officially, four games. That is if you wanted to go all Sesame Street on us. The real question is this: Why has this simplistic game seem so much success, and how does the current game measure up to both all of the series’ previous titles and the current crop of fighting games now existing. But what do we know? Another great question. Well, if you ever wanted to know the answer, then just keep on reading all of this nonsense.

Streets of Rage 4 is a fighting game that follows the titular character, the collective consciousness of the streets of a town called Rage, as a big group of burly and sexy fighters beat the living crap out of each other and spit blood and teeth and things like that all over the pavement. Rageworthy, indeed. Actually, that’s not what the game is about. In reality, it’s just a normal fighting game with cartoony characters, and it absolutely slaps. Just a great game, wonderful, etc. etc. Anyway, there are approximately three things everyone needs to know about this game.

First off, you most definitely will be able to punch people. Those little bumps on the front of your tensed fist? Those are called knuckles, and you will have the opportunity to apply those to the face of your virtual enemies using a virtual representation of your fist in another person’s body. Just great stuff. Enjoy that.

Secondly, you will be allowed to kick people. If you find yourself on the streets of rage, you better be ready to start swinging your legs around in the air to make contact with other people’s vital parts or whatever in such a way that it brings you, the player of this fighting game, immense joy. That’s incredible.

Third, you will be allowed to play the game with some of your friends. Ever wanted to beat up your buddy? Well, now you can without physically hurting him or emotionally ruining your relationship. You can finally apply some non-physical physical force. That’s great stuff. Have fun, I guess.

So what’s the real deal here? Streets of Rage 4 have just released, and you can totally buy it. If any of the above stuff appeals to you, then get out there and start playing, young cosmonaut.