There Are Three Dates For The Release Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

There Are Three Dates For The Release Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Credit: IGN

Activision is easing the decision-making process for customers who pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The Modern Warfare 2 campaign will be available to pre-orderers on October 20, one week before the game’s official release date of October 28. This is a first for the series.
Pre-ordering has a few additional benefits in addition to early campaign access:

Access to the whole Modern Warfare II Campaign up to one week beforehand
The open beta version of the game will launch on October 28

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Package of the Final Judgment: Access to the legendary “Deathknell” operator skin and the legendary “Bloodthirsty” weapon blueprint for usage in Vanguard and Warzone right away.

The program adopts the same strategy as rivals like EA to encourage pre-orders and membership programs. Without paying for the game, for instance, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play ($5/mo), subscribers can play a 10-hour trial of Madden 23.

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While it is true that staggered releases are an excellent way to maintain enthusiasm for a longer time, I predict that people who sign up for early access on October 20 will be disappointed. For example, launching Modern Warfare only to discover that two-thirds of the game are greyed out doesn’t sound like a thrilling start to the upcoming CoD year. Likewise, my enthusiasm for Halo subsided when Halo Infinite’s campaign was made available a month after its multiplayer.

This campaign, which encompasses missions in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, promises to be a fascinating experience on several levels, including offshore sieges with underwater fighting, full-scale explosive assaults from 30,000 feet above enemy strongholds, and high-stakes, low-profile stealth missions in plain sight and at night.

Not to mention that the Fashionable Warfare 2 campaign will not take you a whole week to complete. You could probably finish it in a day or two if it is similar to the last 15 Calls of Obligation.