The Survival Game The Wild Eight Is Out Now For Consoles

The Survival Game The Wild Eight Is Out Now For Consoles
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The Wild Eight has been a pretty successful survival action game since releasing on PC. It forces players into the cold winter landscape of Alaska. To survive here, you have to be pretty hardy and have a knack at using minimal resources.

It’s now available on the PS4 and Xbox One, according to a console release trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel. That means a new audience can check out its fun and yet challenging nature, which supports co-op and solo play depending on the type of survival experience and challenges you’re looking for.

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The game starts off with a plane crash. You’re one of the surviving passengers luckily enough, but you’ll have to fight to the tooth and nail to make it out of these harsh climates alive. You’ll go through different environments teeming with threats, searching for clues to why the plane crashed in the first place.

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Throughout your exploration, you’ll have the chance to collect all kinds of helpful resources. They can be used in different ways, such as hunting tools and items for building your base of operations. If you’re savvy enough early on, you can survive night after night.

Along with braving Alaska’s unforgiving elements, you’ll be pitted against beasts that lurk in the shadows. If you don’t mind your surroundings, you could be lunch for a hungry predator of the night. That drives you forward and keeps the tension going throughout your entire playthrough in The Wild Eight.

There are a lot of supernatural elements you’ll be able to enjoy as well that don’t belong in the natural world. That gives you the ability to do a lot of unique things at just the right times.

For a survival game, The Wild Eight is one of the better offerings and also one of the more unique. It’s a great game to play solo, but even more so with friends. You can team up and solve the game’s challenges as a cohesive unit, where every passenger has a role in the grand scheme of things.

Imagine being tossed into the open Alaska wilderness, forced to survive and deal with hostile threats coming at you left and right. That’s the type of experience this game provides in spades. It will have you feeling excited yet nervous at the same time about what lies up ahead.

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If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing it because of its PC availability, now’s a good time on either the Xbox One or PS4.