The Story Of A World Champion, Doinb, The Mid Laner Of Fun Plus Phoenix

The Story Of A World Champion, Doinb, The Mid Laner Of Fun Plus Phoenix
Credit: Riot Games via Youtube

Doinb, the recently crowned World Champion, is the mid laner for Fun Plus Phoenix. He has been in the scene for a couple of years, but not many players know his story.

Time and time again, he has finished at the top of the standings in the LPL but was unable to qualify for Worlds. In the winners’ interview, he said that he was ready to quit League altogether, but his wife motivated him to try once again since she that he could do qualify and win the World Championship.

Doinb made his debut in Spring 2015 on a team called QG Reapers in the LPL B league, similar to NA/EU Academy. In his debut split, Doinb, alongside his team, has finished first in the standings with a 10-2 game record and qualified for playoffs. In the playoffs, they have won over three different opponents and have qualified for the LPL main league, beating Vici’s Gaming sister team in the qualifying tourney.

In the first split of LPL, QG Reapers managed to finish on the 2nd place, just behind Edward Gaming. Due to the second-place finish, they were placed straight into semi-finals during playoffs, where they had to face Invictus Gaming. They managed to beat Invictus Gaming with a 3-2 and moved into the finals versus LGD, where the match went to five games as well, but this time QG fell 2-3.

With the disappointing loss in the finals, QG had another shot at qualifying for the World Championship via the regional finals. In the first round, they were knocked to the lower bracket by Invictus Gaming, who they’ve beaten during the playoff run. They climbed through the lower bracket and faced Invictus Gaming for the third time, but were unable to defeat them once again and Doinb, the promising and rising talent was denied his international debut.

Doinb stayed with QG Reapers until Summer 2016, where he has joined a team called Newbee Young (QG’s sister team in the LPL B league). He was back in the LPL B league and started playing with Clid, the current star jungler of SK Telekom T1. Once again, Doinb and his team finished first in the standings and beat Young Miracles in the playoffs to be promoted to the LPL main league.

In Spring 2017, Doinb was playing on QG Reapers in the main League again; they finished their group with a 3rd place. Doinb made playoffs but was knocked out the first round by another promising LPL team.

In Summer 2017, the QG Reapers organization was acquired by JD Gaming and made some staff changes. For the first time, Doinb would not qualify for playoffs after the team would finish 5th in their group.

In Spring 2018, Doinb changed team to Rogue Warriors, who seemed like a super team at the time, they have finished 2nd during the LPL season and qualified for playoffs. RW made it to semi-finals but was knocked out by EDG and then IG later on.

Summer 2018, Rogue Warrior finished first in the standings, making playoffs and looking towards the Worl Championship once again. Rogue Warrior made it to the semi-finals before getting knocked out by RNG. They had another chance in the regional finals, due to their standings they were placed straight into the final. They had to win a single best-of-five to qualify. At the regional finals, they faced off against EDG, who had never missed a World Championship to date. The trend sadly continued, and RW alongside Doinb was denied qualification to the World Championship.

After the disappointing miss of World Championship once again, Doinb went to Fun Plus Phoenix. Fun Plus Phoenix has finished first in both Spring and Summer of LPL Season, having some of the most dominant splits ever witnessed in LPL. In summer they have finally qualified for Worlds, where they have been looking quite shaky during the group stages, but rebounded and managed to carry themselves to victory and secure the title of a World Champion!

The future is unknown to Doinb; he hinted at a possible retirement after reaching his ultimate goal of winning a World Championship. If he decides to play for one more year, he will most likely be hunted down by every single team in the LPL.

As for now, all the community can do is wait, and see what the future holds for Doinb, the master of Dark Technologies.