The PSVR Exclusive Iron Man VR From Camouflaj Just Got An Official Release Date And New Trailer

The PSVR Exclusive Iron Man VR From Camouflaj Just Got An Official Release Date And New Trailer
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

Have you ever wanted to feel what it’s like to be Iron Man, one of the most popular Marvel heroes to ever appear in comics and on the silver screens? Well thanks to Iron Man VR, now you can. For the first time ever, a VR game is putting the witty and lovable Tony Stark front and center. This PSVR exclusive — which is being made by Camouflaj — just received an official release date and it’s not too far away thankfully.

On February 28, 2020, fans will get to jump into the iconic Tony Stark suit and see what it’s like to fly above the city and shoot enemies with pulse canons. This news broke at this year’s New York Comic Con. Some more video footage was also revealed of the story, giving fans a peak behind the curtain as far as the thematic elements the developers are going for.

The video can be found on the PlayStation YouTube channel. It’s there where we see Stark confronting some of his past demons. You see, Stark was an arms dealer. Business was good for the short period of time he was on top in this controversial space. However, as expected, innocent people lost their lives.

This is the driving force behind Tony Stark really. It’s why he goes out and puts his life on the line time and time again. He can’t take back what Stark Corporations did, but he can use his innovative Iron Man suit to make the world a safer place going forward.

We see Friday talking to Stark a bit, who’s replacing Jarvis after he turned into Vision in the Marvel cinematic universe. Friday seems like a serviceable replacement and she should make the game feel less lonely when you’re flying throughout the city.

A lot of gameplay footage is shown in this trailer, surprisingly. A first-person perspective is shown with all sorts of metrics on the screen for the player to adjust and use in battle. Tony has a lot of resources to use at his disposal, both offensively and defensively. The combat seems competent and true to scenes that have been portrayed in the Marvel movies.

It also seems like the writers of this VR game are looking to go in a more serious direction with the story. Tony has pain behind his respectable pursuits of justice. It’s like he can’t escape his past no matter how much good he does. Iron Man VR looks like a great title for the PSVR and one worth exploring at launch.