The PC Game Store Fanatical Is Having A Flash Sale That’s Making Monster Hunter: World Pretty Cheap

The PC Game Store Fanatical Is Having A Flash Sale That’s Making Monster Hunter: World Pretty Cheap
Credit: Arekkz Gaming via YouTube

There are a lot of great platforms where PC gamers can go to save huge on some great titles. Although not as popular, Fanatical is one of the better places to visit. Right now, they’re having a huge flash sale that’s slashing prices on a lot of great games. One of the bigger AAA titles is Monster Hunter: World.

For a limited time, PC gamers can get it for just $26.39. That’s a pretty great deal considering the game normally goes for around $59.99. That’s what it is on Steam right now for some comparison. If you’ve held off on purchasing this amazing action RPG, now’s the best time to purchase it. So many epic monster-hunting adventures await.

Starting off, it has to be mentioned just how massive this game is. You’ll spend months exploring the different areas in an open-world environment that was realized to perfection by Capcom. They deserve a lot of credit for pouring their hearts and souls into this latest installment in a fairly successful franchise. It’s one of the best games you could get for the PC right now, in fact.

You’ll enjoy going through the separate ecosystems seeing how much detail they were given. One minute, you be in swampy waters and then a couple of monster hunting missions later you’ll be high up in the mountains. You always feel like you’re on a grand adventure.

If the environments don’t win you over, the monsters will. They’ve never been better. There are a lot of new additions and returning icons, giving returning players a bit of nostalgia throughout their quests. The monsters each possess unique skills and capabilities. Instead of running up on them, you’ll need to sit back and study their behavior. It will take a more tactical approach to come out on top.

Even the progression system in this game was dialed in perfectly. Capcom gives you plenty of items to collect and unique ways to customize your created character. If the base game isn’t enough, the expansion Iceborn is also available. It’s a great continuation of Monster Hunter: World, featuring icy landscapes and chilling monsters.

$26.39 isn’t that much to pay given how much content is wrapped up in this game. It’s not filler content, either. Every mission has great stakes and the characters you’ll get to interact with throughout your time with this game are captivating. From start to finish, you’ll enjoy the journey.