The Outer Worlds’ Physical Copy Is Now Cheaper At Walmart Thanks To Release-Day Discount

The Outer Worlds’ Physical Copy Is Now Cheaper At Walmart Thanks To Release-Day Discount
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Today is the official launch day of The Outer Worlds, an action-role playing video game developed by the creative team at Obsidian Entertainment. This has been one of the more anticipated games of 2019 thanks to its unique planets and interesting alien life that your character will be interacting with on a consistent basis.

If you’ve been hoping to get your hands on this interesting-looking game, Walmart may be just the place to shop. You can get a physical copy of The Outer Worlds for just $49.94. It is available for this price on both the Xbox One and PS4. That’s a great deal compared to paying the full price of $59.99.

Walmart is not a stranger to offering these day-one release discounts. They’ve done it quite a few times in the past, in fact. They’re giving gamers the chance to save money while picking up some of the best video games on the marketplace.

If you do decide to pick up this physical copy of The Outer Worlds, you’re in store for a grand adventure. It has the same successful elements that were included in Fallout: New Vegas, only the scale in this game is much larger. There are so many interesting planets you’ll get to explore while representing the interests of the Halcyon colony.

It’s on the brink of destruction, and it will be up to your created character to explore the outer skirts of space to figure out what conspiracy is taking place. Along the way, you’ll get to encounter a wide variety of factions. That’s a huge feature of this game that gamers have raved about ever since seeing the trailers of gameplay.

There are so many NPCs you’ll get to interact with and relationships to forge. The choices you make will determine how the story unfolds, which is always what you want to see in an RPG like this. What’s also promising about The Outer Worlds is the companions you’ll get to acquire throughout your time in the main story. You can ask various characters to join your team and even complete missions for them, thus creating a life-long bond that will come in handy down the road.

If you enjoy exploring beautiful planets with strange creatures that you’ll have to defend yourself against, The Outer Worlds is the game for you. The story has a lot of content that you can enjoy and approach however you see fit.