The Outer Worlds Just Received An Official Launch Trailer; Features The Choice Between Good And Evil

The Outer Worlds Just Received An Official Launch Trailer; Features The Choice Between Good And Evil
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

The RPG genre is as hot as it has ever been today. Developers see the potential in offering gamers in-depth experiences, where they can customize a character and take them on grand adventures. Out of the upcoming RPGs set to come out this year, one of the most anticipated is The Outer Worlds. Obsidian Entertainment has a firm grasp on this genre, which is pretty evident in their games Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas. The Outer Worlds looks to be just as great as these, if not better.

To celebrate this game’s release — which is October 25 — an official launch trailer was just put out. The main takeaway from it is your character will have the ability to choose their own destiny. For example, they can decide to be the hero and complete quests for the great good of the colonists. Or, you can become a villain and let your evil reign down on all of those who get in your way.

A wheel of character roles is shown, showcasing some of the other routes you’ll be able to take with your character. Some of these include brawler, liar, colonist, assassin, and engineer. It seems like there are plenty of ways you can approach the vast universe you’ll be exploring depending on your gameplay preferences.

Already, this design is great to see. There will be so many ways to customize your character, and that’s always a sign of a great RPG. The trailer then concludes by showing some positive reviews the game has already received and some more of the universe you’ll be traversing through.

The Outer Worlds truly seems like one of the better RPGs of this generation. It’s everything fans wanted out of Fallout 76 when it was first teased by Bethesda at E3, and much more if you can believe that. In addition to the various ways you’ll be able to approach interacting with NPCs and combat, the planets you’ll be exploring are beautiful and uniquely detailed. They should immerse you in an fantastic adventure, where every decision you make has an impact on the game’s outcome.

We’re roughly a couple of days away from the official release. Judging by gamers’ initial reactions, The Outer Worlds should sell really well out of the gate. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype and delivers an action-packed RPG experience all the way through. From everything that has been show, this is a real possibility.