The Modder To Enhance PRODUCTION eliminated Elden Ring’s Erd Tree

The Modder To Enhance PRODUCTION eliminated Elden Ring’s Erd Tree
Credit: screenrant

With the aid of a mod, user K4richard chose to delete the Erd tree from Elden Ring to speed up the game’s frame rate. The gamer who discovered the mod shared it with other players once it was published.

Elden Ring is primarily a game about characters that have various viewpoints toward a large golden tree. Some belief it to be the manifestation of god’s grace, while others believe its hold on human mortality is unnatural and that its authority should be seized.

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The tree was removed because K4richard, a follower of the NexusMods church, thought it was consuming a bit too much of their frame rate.

The Erdtree may be one of Elden Ring’s more difficult creations, but it remains to be seen if any other misadventures might be performed that would not worsen performance when removed. However, destroying the entirety of human history will undoubtedly alter the ecosystem, so use this double-edged sword with caution.

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The Erdtree and several particle effects were unquestionably the main contributors to the issue. I was able to play at 30 frames per second on a low-end PC after eliminating the tree and a few particles. An astounding gain of 15 fps on a GT 1030! This mod essentially reduced the game’s graphics card requirements.

The Mod Engine 2 for Elden, Ringaccessible for free on GitHub, is required to install the mod. The game may then be launched using the unique offline mode launcher by taking K4richard’s file and dropping it into the mods folder within the Mod Engine 2 directory. You’ll need this mod if you also want to remove rid of the particle effects.

That’s not a significant impact for current hardware that can already run the game at a consistent 60 frames per second, but for a low-end PC gamer, this may be the difference between finishing the game and failing