The First-Person Shooter Metro Exodus Is Finally Being Added To Steam Next Week

The First-Person Shooter Metro Exodus Is Finally Being Added To Steam Next Week
Credit: Colonel Melnyk via YouTube

For the longest time, Metro Exodus has been an Epic Games Store exclusive. There weren’t really any signs of movement with this first-person shooter coming to Steam. That all changed just recently, however, when the game’s official Twitter account confirmed a Steam release. It will be available on February 15th. That’s great news if you haven’t yet picked up this game and prefer to use the Steam platform.

It’s always interesting to see a game being sold exclusively on a platform end up on another after a bit of time has passed. It lets more gamers experience great titles, and Metro Exodus certainly is one of those you have to play on the PC.

It has so many things going for it. The non-linear levels certainly stand out. You have a sense of excitement running into crazy monsters when you least expect it. There is plenty of exploration to enjoy, which is even more amazing thanks to the Russian wilderness. It’s quite vast and leaves your imagination running wild as the story shapes out.

As far as gameplay, Metro Exodus is a fun time from start to finish. 4A Games has given you a wide variety of weapons to master, from heavy-duty rifles to accurate pistols. Some of the guns have a modern feel about them. What’s also nice is the in-depth weapon customization system. You can swap out pretty much any component, including scopes, magazines, handles, and sights. You’ll enjoy finding the perfect combination of parts.

The enemy variety is also top notch in Metro Exodus. That’s an important element for any first-person shooter of this caliber. You want to keep finding threats that keep you on your toes. Some of the monsters have the ability to take flight and then others are more methodical in their approach. The Russian wilderness is constantly throwing you for a loop, but in a fun way that you’ll enjoy.

This Steam announcement comes after Metro Exodus was confirmed for Google Stadia. It’s clear game platforms want rights to sell this game. For them, it makes a lot of sense. This is one of the most popular first-person shooters even still today. Offering it can help attract a lot of gamers that platform companies might have otherwise missed out on.

If you’re a Metro fan, this is great to see as well. More people can experience the game and this betters the franchise’s odds of continuing.