The Elder Scrolls Online Releases Updated Performance Improvement Plan

The Elder Scrolls Online Releases Updated Performance Improvement Plan
Credit: Elder Scrolls Online Official Website

While gamers are enjoying all of the Elder Scroll Online Crown Store updates, the developers are working on improving the game. Over the past few weeks, the Zenimax team has been working to fix the Activity Finder. This fix comes after the failed launch of the Undaunted Event, which has always faced issues.

Last week ESO’s Creative Director Rich Lambert wrote a forum post explaining exactly what happened. He stated that the Activity Finder did well in QA and testing with bots. When the overhauled Activity Finder was pushed live, it caused the game to lag for everyone along with countless errors on the EU server.

The ESO team has updated their website with the currently scheduled performance improvement plan.

Update 24 was the latest patch to go live but has had to improve the Activity Finder. This important feature will be resolved before the next update, along with a relaunch of the Undaunted Event.

Update 25 is scheduled for Q1 2020. The update is almost complete but has a few more patches in progress. The update includes faster loading of fixtures and characters, improving combat ability, and frame rate improvements. The ESO team said that all of the updates would go through further testing before pushing pushed onto the live server.

This significant change will require that all gamers re-download the game client. This download may take hours to days for players with a slower internet connection. ESO will warn gamers when the update is scheduled to occur.

Update 26 will occur in Q2 2020, and work has not yet begun. It includes server optimization and stability, faster character loading, more improvements on frame rates, and the third stage of combat ability improvements.

Pets will be rewritten to work better on the server, taking up fewer resources on the server. Pets are mostly cosmetic but can take up valuable screen space.

The combat improvements in this round include AoE performances to take up less strain on the server. The damage and functionality of AoE skills won’t change.

Zenimax hasn’t given up on improving Elder Scrolls Online. Fans have been vocal about their unhappiness with the current issues. Luckily, the ESO team has updated almost daily on social media with their progress. It’s unknown when the Activity Finder or the exact date of the next major update will be announced.