The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim’s Game Environment Is Already Quite Large, Adding Two Dungeons, Six Isles, And More

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim’s Game Environment Is Already Quite Large, Adding Two Dungeons, Six Isles, And More

One of the reasons Skyrim is still played after more than ten years is because of all the things to explore within its large globe. The largest Elder Scrolls game in terms of area size is Daggerfall from 1996, yet Skyrim is still enormous. The original experience alone can take many hours to finish, but some mods offer far more and occasionally are comparable to entire DLCs

Consider the most recent instance, “The Pride of Teia.” This handmade Skyrim expansion, discovered by DSO Gaming, sounds ambitious. One benefit is that it offers players command of their ship, which they can use to navigate Tamriel’s seas. This mod also adds six isles, two dungeons, and a tonne of additional animals, including some aquatic life, making it particularly noteworthy. This add-on, developed by smr1957 and Tasheni, sounds like a fantastic solution to prolong the life of TES5. It also draws inspiration from Tasheni’s “The Isles of Teia” mod.

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Skyrim can be changed in many ways to include new features. Some of these may only be minor additions, like a new residence, but others, like “The Pride of Teia,” go further by allowing players to travel to new places. The ship can be located on the Isles of Teia proper, in front of Dawnstar, along the coast, or behind Lonely Rock for those who want to try this brand-new fan-made expansion. In addition, the ship is sailable, in case anyone was wondering. With a brief mention that players must lift the anchor before they can sail away, the description on Nexus Mods provides a quick crash course in steering.

There is now a chance for beginners to dive into this ten-year-old epic and see what all the hoopla has been about all these years after Bethesda recently discounted Skyrim and several other titles in honor of QuakeCon. In addition, new mods are constantly being released to extend the game’s life significantly.

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