The Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook Includes Enhanced Guidelines For Adventuring In Uncharted Regions

The Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook Includes Enhanced Guidelines For Adventuring In Uncharted Regions
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There is a new handbook for Dungeons & Dragons that includes a more detailed exploring mechanism. Uncharted Journeys, a new guidebook for use in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition campaigns, has just started on Kickstarter, and it features expanded rules for traveling and exploring. In Uncharted Journeys, you’ll find guidelines for organizing a trip, determining who will do what while you’re gone, and establishing ground rules for your interactions with other travelers and any ruins or strange people you might come across.

To some extent, Uncharted Journeys’ rules were derived from Adventures in Middle-Earth, Cubicle 7’s Lord of the Rings tabletop roleplaying game that was constructed using 5E rules. Because the default 5E rules are lacking in detail for creating the travel component of a fantasy game, many D&D campaigns relied on the exploration rules included in Adventures in Middle-earth. Given the importance of exploration to the overall success of any campaign setting, Uncharted Journeys should prove to be an indispensable tool for both players and Game Masters of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Cubicle 7 is an established tabletop RPG publisher. Some of the popular licensed games that the company has produced in the past include Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory, and the Doctor Who roleplaying game. Cubicle 7 is in the process of expanding its line of original roleplaying games and settings. Two of these RPGs, Victoriana and Broken Weave, are currently in development.

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In exchange for a $31 pledge, backers of the Kickstarter project will receive a digital copy of Uncharted Journey. Backers who contribute $51 or more will receive the hardcover edition of Uncharted Journeys. Backers can preorder the book here. The Kickstarter campaign for Uncharted Journeys has successfully raised $13,000 as of the time this article was published, which is significantly more than the initial goal of $10,000. The crowdfunding campaign will be active until October 4th.