The Action RPG Indivisible Has Been Added To Xbox Game Pass For The PC

The Action RPG Indivisible Has Been Added To Xbox Game Pass For The PC
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you have a PC, one of the better services available as far as playing new games is Xbox Game Pass. It’s relatively new for PC users, but always offers an amazing lineup of games. Some new offerings just hit the platform, with one of the better titles being Indivisible. It’s an action role-playing platformer developed by Lab Zero Games. If you enjoy retro games with a modern twist, then this is definitely a title worth checking out.

You’ll fall in love with the hand-drawn visuals. They really give Indivisible a distinct visual personality, one that you don’t often see in the video game industry today. The developer has infused a bunch of vibrant colors into the environments you’ll be exploring with the game’s main protagonist, Ajna. Her world is being threatened by an evil force. As she sets out on a quest to save all that she knows and loves, she’ll be forced to find her inner power and strength.

The game has a lot of fantasy elements that you’ll notice right away. They make the worlds and characters all the more interesting. Speaking of characters, there are several you’ll get to play as. Each has unique skills and attributes you’ll have the pleasuring of mastering throughout this game’s story. Speaking of story, it’s very gripping. There is plenty of backstory given on all of the characters and the dialogue isn’t just something you want to skip past. That’s always a mark of great story-telling in any video game.

Ajna may seem like a powerless girl who’s taking on too much too early on, but once she confronts the evil forces in this game, she discovers hidden powers. For example, she has the ability to absorb characters she encounters and then manifest them so that they fight along side her. Thus, there is always motivation to interact with the characters in this game as they can be added as allies — which may prove helpful later on down the line.

The platforming action in Indivisible also is fantastic and exactly what you would want in a game like this. Moving from stage to stage and transitioning over walls all feels so fluid. They’re a nice change of pace from the battle sections.

Even better, you don’t need to have a lot of experience with these sort of games. You can pick up the mechanics as a beginner and feel very competent in what you’re doing.