The 7.0 System Update For The PlayStation 4 Drops This Week; Is Enabling Android Devices Functionality With Remote Play

The 7.0 System Update For The PlayStation 4 Drops This Week; Is Enabling Android Devices Functionality With Remote Play
Credit: MBG via YouTube

The PlayStation 4 has been one of the most successful consoles in Sony’s storied history in the gaming industry. Ever since it was first introduced back in 2013, it has been flying off the shelves. It still sells well even till this day with the PlayStation 5 launch looming up ahead.

The system is now getting its 7.0 system update. This could be one of the last ones given that Sony recently went on record saying the PS5 will be releasing in 2020. That’s no reason to worry if you’re a PS4 user. Instead, you should just enjoy the system and look forward to the great updates that are coming with this latest update. They’ll be available next week.

There are many noteworthy adjustments. Let’s start off focusing on some of the new party features. PS4 users have always enjoyed playing games with others, so it’s nice that Sony is still focusing on enhancing this aspect of gaming with the PS4. They just increased the maximum number of people that can be in a party. Instead of just eight, it’s now sixteen. That’s perfect if you enjoy large parties with some of your closest friends and perhaps even strangers.

Network connectivity has also been improved. It’s now much stabler and leads to less connection drops. That has always been an unfortunate aspect of gaming online at times. You could be in the middle of an intense session and then without warning, you get logged out of the servers. It appears you won’t have to put up with this as much. Even the audio quality has been improved.

The next major changes involve Remote Play. This has been one of the most important additions to the PS4, as it lets users take their gaming experiences on the go. Thanks to recent changes, those with an Android 5.0 devices or higher will be able to enjoy Remote Play.

For those that typically use this feature with an iPhone or iPad, there’s now the ability to lock the screen orientation as well as display the controller. It should make portable gaming experiences with some of your favorite PS4 titles that much better. Lastly, those who enable Remote Play with a mobile device can now use their DualShock controllers. This should give players more control of their games, and some games certainly warrant the use of a controller.

The 7.0 system update already seems like a major improvement for the PS4. Even on its last legs, it’s shining bright.