Stardew Valley: Updated Guide For Multiplayer Farming With Friends On Consoles

Stardew Valley: Updated Guide For Multiplayer Farming With Friends On Consoles
Credit: ConcernedApe via Youtube

Stardew Valley Multiplayer is finally out for PS4! The update hit only a couple of weeks ago, following months of delays while porting over the game. Players are finally getting to jump into farming with friends on console (with the exception of Xbox, which is expected to release soon), a full year after PC users.

Unfortunately, due to the extended gap between multiplayer releases, much of the information on multiplayer guides online is outdated or incorrect following updates and patches. This guide attempts to correct this, offering updated information pulled directly from trial and error in-game. Let’s get started!

How do I create a multiplayer farm?

Multiplayer farms can be created via the “Host” tab under the “Co-op” menu. Once the farm is online, your PS4 friends can join via the “Join” tab. It’s that simple! Existing farms can be converted to Co-op through in-game menu options. Four players can join one server, and those farmers are attached to those players.

For example, if a server has three of my friends already playing, and a fourth friend wants to join while only one other person is online – the fourth friend cannot join, because all cabins on the farm are tied to the other three friends, even when offline.

Cabins and Buildings

Each cabin is assigned to a particular player, and players can sleep in other’s beds but are still locked to their own cabin for marriage and server space purposes. Additionally, all players can place items/decorate anyone else’s home.

Any player can build farm buildings, but can only upgrade their own cabin. All buildings (including other player cabins) can be moved at will by the host farmer. This means it is more efficient to start out with all four cabins present (for a full server) while creating your multiplayer farm, and then moving them to the ideal location later. Otherwise, it costs a small amount of gold and materials to build them once you are in-game.

Money and Upgrades

Money is shared between all players. Additionally, all four players have equal access to funds, so no one has to ask host permission before making a big purchase. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to only play with friends you have an open line of communication with.

Tool upgrades are tracked separately, and cost the full amount for each player. Same for backpacks. Tools can be left in chests for other players to use, so if your friend that has the gold watering can is getting offline, they can leave the watering can in a chest for someone else to use in the meantime. Additionally, house upgrades are all separate, all players must purchase a kitchen (for full price) before they can marry.

Time and Sleep

Time is server-based and always the same for everyone, and as such will not stop while one player is in a cutscene or heart event. We found this out the hard way in my server, passing out after the first cutscene with the wizard late at night.

This also means all players will have to lay down to sleep in order to progress to the next day. (This is similar to the Minecraft MP system if you are familiar.) You can cancel laying down to sleep if your friends are still up and about.


All players must attend a festival within the allotted time before you can enter, similar to how sleeping works.
As for particular festival details:

  • Egg Festival – All players take part in the egg hunt.
  • Spirits Eve – All players need to run the maze if they want the Golden Pumpkin.
  • Festival of Ice – All players take part in the ice fishing minigame.
  • Feast of the Winter Star – All players get their own Secret Santa.Special Notes:
  • Flower Dance – All players can dance, and additionally, player characters can dance with each other.
  • Luau – All players can add an item to the pot luck. The lowest tier item added will count towards the score (including if someone doesn’t add an item in) So if you want the best response, all players present must add in the best quality items. Only online players will count towards this, and only those who participate will earn friendship with the town.
  • Stardew Valley Fair – All players must earn their own tokens and purchase the Stardrop separately. Only one player needs to add items to the display.

Relationships and Marriage

All players have separate values for hearts with villagers. Player characters do not earn hearts with each other, although there is a cosmetic heart pop-up when sharing items between PCs. Player characters can marry. As for marriage with NPC’s, each player can have their own spouse.

If you and a friend are both vying for one potential marriage candidate, then it’s a race to the finish! The first player to propose to an NPC locks the rest of the players out from proposing to them. It’s recommended you get a sense of who everyone is going after early in a playthrough, to avoid frustration down the road.

Community Center and Museum Progress

Bundle and museum progress is shared server-wide. However, there is a difference between the two. The rewards you get from the museum are individual, so all four players earn separate melon seeds for example when the total artifacts for the museum reach the reward threshold.
For the community center, big rewards like the greenhouse are obviously server-wide, but individual bundle rewards like a lightning rod are only given to the player that completes the bundle.

Quests and Mine Progress

Mine progress is shared between all players, and the elevator is open to the lowest floor reached by anyone on the server. Just going to the final floor in the mine via the elevator will net you the quest completion for it, and the skull key is shared by everyone in the server.

Other individual quests are split between each player, such as unlocking the community center and bringing cauliflower for Jodi. This means you need to keep in mind saving four separate quest items for a full server’s worth of people. Also, quests that require you to do something like plant and pick a parsnip are tracked separately as well. Don’t harvest all the parsnips for the entire farm by yourself!

Skill Bonuses and Professions

Skill bonuses and professions do not stack, and the game will pick out the highest bonus when selling items. This means it is wide to spread out your specializations for maximum profit, for example, have at least one person pick “Rancher” while the other picks the “Tiller” profession.

As for professions that require a physical item interaction, like increased loot while breaking open an ore vein, only the player with that reward benefits. So choose what best fits your individual playstyle!

That’s about it for multiplayer tips and tricks. Hopefully, this information will save players some frustration and headaches down the road when farming with friends on PS4.