Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake Long TV Commercial Is One Romantic Story Filled With Anticipation And Memories

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake Long TV Commercial Is One Romantic Story Filled With Anticipation And Memories
Credit: PlayStaion via YouTube

Recently Square Enix released a TV commercial of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. The commercial is said to have lasted for seven minutes, and based on the publisher; it has records of being the most extended TV commercial ever aired on terrestrial TV.

It also recently just aired in Japan during the latest episode of the widely watched NS 27-jikna Terebi ni Honno Sports. Although the commercial doesn’t show the actual game footage, instead it shows a narrative of a live-action story with the same quality similar to popular TV series.

From the crew, the video begins with three A list of Japanese actors. Namely; Misato Morita (I Turn, Deadstock: Michi e no Chose, Naked Director), Tetsuji Tamayama (Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger, Rockers, Lupon III), and Masataka Kubota (Taira no Kiyomori, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul S).

Masataka-san plays the protagonist who hasn’t played Final Fantasy VII, and it’s awkward because everyone around him has fond memories of the game, so he considered it unique. Then at work, senpai—his colleague—talks about how the original game was jaw-dropping and the new combat system, wondering if the remake would be matching.

TV commercial:


Also, Morita-san, who acted as Kana, has fond memories of her kid brother (who she hasn’t seen in a while) play the game. Tamayama-san, a die-hard fan with a big passion for Final Fantasy VII, goes to bars with an old guide of the game accompanying her, she calls it her bible.

While the protagonist acts like he’s indifferent about the rave of Final Fantasy VII going on around him, he gradually becomes inspired by the enthusiasm of his friends and colleagues.

Special Edition:


Finally, he decides to purchase a PS4 to play the Final Fantasy VIII Remake, together with Kana-san. She reminds Masataka-san that’s it’s quite early, but she then receives a wistful message form her kid brother asking if she’s okay and telling her that remake is coming! Then the commercial ends with Masataka-san saying, ‘Come quickly, remake!’

Many considered this commercial cheesy (by the way, aren’t all Japanese drama cheesy?), it’s an endearing story. Well, most people can relate better with that story! A bit of us in each character portrayed.

For those interested in learning more about the game, starting with the trailer is an excellent anchor, then check new the gameplay revealed in Classic Mode. The first patch of Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to launch on PS4 March 3, 2020. Other platforms are yet to be announced.