SpaceCan’s Juicy Realm Heads To Mobile In Early May With New Content

SpaceCan’s Juicy Realm Heads To Mobile In Early May With New Content
Credit: Juicy Realm via Steam

Publisher XD Network and developer SpaceCan have announced Juicy Realm is headed to mobile devices early next month. Juicy Realm was initially released on PC in 2018, followed by the Nintendo Switch release last year.

The mobile version was announced with a brand-new trailer showcasing some of the colorful graphics and gameplay.

“Many years in the future, humanity looks upward in despair at plants, now standing atop the food chain. How could they have been so arrogant…” Only when plants began sprouting arms and legs and developing self-awareness did humanity truly begin to understand the menace that these once photosynthesis-dependent creatures posed. No one could understand how the plants took this large evolutionary leap in such a short time, something that took their animal counterparts millions of years to accomplish. One thing is certain, now is the time for humanity to make their stand in order to stay at the top of the food chain.” states the Steam store description.

In the game, players can use various weapons and equipment, utilize different character skills, and face off against a variety of bosses.

The mobile version will include all nine playable characters that were previously released on other platforms. The mobile game will include a tenth character that is unlocked with a special challenge, which is not yet known.

The game contains a Story mode, but after the main adventure is over, players can tackle the Challenge Mode. The Challenge Mode offers more content to keep players engaged, plus a Boss Rush mode to fight against some of the most difficult enemies in the game.

Juicy Realm continues to see new updates on the Nintendo Switch. The new updates include more rooms and taps, a fifth stage with new enemies, the “Firecracker” weapon, plus changes to the UI and game balance.

Those that pre-order Juicy Realm will receive a launch discount. The discount will be available for a limited time.

Juicy Realm is currently available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

SpaceCan Games is an indie development studio from China. Not much is known about other games they’ve released, but publisher X.D. Network has released a few games on Steam so far. They include Muse Dash, a colorful rhythm music game featuring heroines in outer space, the open-world RPG Sands of Salazar, which was released in January, and Roguelike Hero, an action game coming soon.

Juicy Realm will be released on iOS, Android, and on May 4.