Should You Do The Laurent Koscielny Flashback SBC In FIFA 21? This French League CB Might Be A Little Overpriced…

Should You Do The Laurent Koscielny Flashback SBC In FIFA 21? This French League CB Might Be A Little Overpriced…
Credit: EA Sports

The next Flashback SBC card is here in FIFA 21 and this time around it’s Koscielny, celebrating his 2011/2012 Premier League season…but as a Ligue 1 CB coming in at almost over 100k coins. This might be the worst SBC yet from EA. Here’s a rundown on why this card probably isn’t worth doing.

First up, 100k for an 86-rated CB with less than 80 pace is pretty much an alien concept this early in FIFA 21. Pace is king in FUT 21 and Kosclieny’s card, while he does have decent physical and defending stats, just won’t cut it against Rodrigos, Aubas, and Werners. You’d be better off with a Joe Gomez.

To complete the Koscielny SBC you’ll need two squads, an 84 and an 85. You’ll also need a mix of French players, Premier League Players, and Ligue 1 players. In terms of player restrictions that’s not so bad, but two squads at that high rating? That’s a lot of coins for a card that just doesn’t look that great.

Here’s a look at the CB’s cards from FUTBIN, which should hopefully prove the point I’m trying to get across.

I know I’ve already been going on about the pace, but it really is a crucial stat in FIFA 21. With 77 Acceleration and 77 Sprint Speed, Koscielny is going to feel like a caravan attached to the back of a Nissan Micra. You will need to apply a Shadow to this card, if, for whatever reason, you want to rep it.

There’s no doubt Koscielny has good defending and physical stats, with strong Defensive Awareness and Aggression. It might feel a little like Thiago Silva in-game, able to stop attacks with aggression but losing out to pacey strikers.

Compared to a card like Lucas Hernandez, a French CB in the Bundesliga, the stats are hardly different. That card only costs 2k. That’s 98k less than Koscielny currently.

Overall, this SBC isn’t worth doing, unless you’re a big fan of the Frenchman or are looking to build a first-owner squad for future challenges and objectives. You’re better off investing those coins into another CB, or saving up for a super card with a lot more pace.

UCL cards were also reintroduced into the game today…check out that UEFA Champion’s League SBC if you manage to pack any straight away.