Save The Future Of Video Games In SuperEpic: The Entertainment War, Coming To All Platforms December 12th

Save The Future Of Video Games In SuperEpic: The Entertainment War, Coming To All Platforms December 12th
Credit: Numskull Games via YouTube

A diabolical corporation has monopolized video games. In a dystopic future of our world, only the dynamic duo of a raccoon and llama can take down this company and restore the gaming industry to what it was! SuperEpic: The Entertainment War is coming to all platforms this month.

Video games are dead!

The only game developer in the world, Regnantcorp, has managed to control the human population with their addictive, free-to-play games.
However, two unlikely heroes have stepped up and stormed the headquarters of this fanatical firm. A raccoon and his loyal llama steed!

Gamers will play this duo as they navigate through the headquarters of Regnantcorp, a massive, castle-like office building that has multiple levels, enemies, challenges, and a liberal amount of secrets.

The game itself is played as a nonlinear dynamic action-adventure game and promotes exploration of levels. The duo uses combo attacks to take down their enemies, including corporate pigs and ominous owls.

The raccoon will use an assortment of weapons to take down the tyrants, like a stop sign and giant hammers, and the steed will use moves like quick dashes and energy blasts to silence them.

Gamers will use the economy-based upgrading system in SuperEpic: The Entertainment War to purchase upgrades to their health, magic, or stamina. There are a ton of items to collect in this game, and the RPG progression system will allow players to upgrade their weapons and armor.

There are two modes that gamers can try out, the classic story mode which will follow the raccoon and llama as they uncover the conspiracy behind the brainwashing video game giant. There is also a rogue-like mode that will test the player’s skill with a generated map.

SuperEpic: Entertainment War is created by Numskull Games, which has published a bunch of games, including Ghost Parade, Rogue Glitch, Horizon Chase Turbo, and AI: The Somnium Files.

This game is releasing on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Steam on December 12th. It’s selling for around $18, depending on which platform it’s purchased on.

It’s only a single-player game, but it should be a fun time for those gathered around the TV nonetheless.

The premise is obviously a little out there, but that’s what makes a lot of games great. It doesn’t take itself seriously and, judging by the trailer, there is a good amount of humor, like the eccentric villains, that will keep the storyline moving.