Rumors Arise That A New Resident Evil Title Is In Development For A 2021 Release

Rumors Arise That A New Resident Evil Title Is In Development For A 2021 Release
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

Rumors have begun to circulate that Capcom is working on a future installment for their famous Resident Evil franchise. While nothing has been confirmed by anyone with authority, much of the gaming community continues to buzz from the rumors.

The rumors began as a circulation from the tweet below, sent out by Aesthetic Gamer earlier today about eight hours ago. In the tweet, the author seems to casually leak the information, saying that they’ll tease a bit of information for now and then talk about it more after the Resident Evil 3 remake drops later on. According to them, the game has been in development since late 2016 and is slated for a 2021 release.

In later tweets, the author states that it’s been in development for about three and a half years. The development, reportedly, is very similar to the original Resident Evil 3, but they refuse to expand on that “until later.” The announcement, they state, will be “very soon, and it’s by far the biggest departure the series has ever taken.” These departures, they insist, are severe enough that they expect a good deal of the fanbase to be polarized and greatly upset by the departure.

Still, Aesthetic Gamer insists, people should keep an open mind for the title. Internal testing and whatnot show that it’s a very high-quality game, and the leaker says that they’re very excited about the upcoming release.

So who is this leaker, and why should we take anything they say seriously? How do we know they aren’t just one of the countless internet trolls randomly fabricating information for their chance to go viral?

According to their Twitter account, the leaker is named Ryan, though they apparently go by “Dusk Golem.” They make video games under the handle Yai Gameworks and hold a modest YouTube channel as well with about 32.5k subscribers as of writing this. Their recent videos generally average between 200 and 1,000 views or so, though sorting by popular shows that they’ve had some success with other videos over the last decade, though all of their well-viewed projects seem to be from at least five years ago.

Yai Gameworks isn’t much different. Under this handle, there are a few indie games, most of which seem to be surreal horror in nature. None seem to be especially popular, but they’re there.

With all that said, what it really means is there isn’t much that would paint the leaker as a figure of any sort of authority to speak on this. There’s certainly a possibility that they’re correct, and obviously we have no way of knowing what connections they’ve acquired through their careers, but none of their social media outlets point to them having a close link with Capcom or the development team behind Resident Evil. It seems we’ll just have to watch for any announcements in the near future to prove them correct.