Respawn Entertainment Announces Exclusive, Invitation-Only Apex Legends Tournament

Respawn Entertainment Announces Exclusive, Invitation-Only Apex Legends Tournament
Credit: Respawn Entertainment via Youtube

Apex Legends competitions are currently heating up. Developers have already hosted one tournament with another coming quickly in its tracks at the beginning of next month. Now they are announcing another: This time taking place in Krakow, Poland with a lot of available prize money.

Respawn Entertainment, the team behind Apex Legends, is calling the tournament “The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational.” The latest tournament will be invitation-only and will feature 80 teams from around the world. Each of the participating players will be hand-picked personally by Respawn for their skill and ability and then put into teams. The $500,000 tournament is taking place on September 13-15. So there’s little time left to get your name in if you got the chops.

In order to be picked for the chance to earn the $500,000 worth of prizes, players will need to register with Apex Legends directly by sending their name in. They can do this by sending an email to Respawn with their origin ID and email address. The registration email can be found on the official Apex Legends website.

The $500,000 pool is broken down by place. The team that takes first place will take home $105,000, second place will receive $75,000, and third place will earn $60,000. These numbers continue down incrementally. The lowest a team can achieve, by coming in at 20th place, is $4,800. There is also an award specifically for individual success—Respawn has set aside $8,000 for the “Apex Predator,” or the person with the most eliminations during the Finals.

The first tournament hosted by Respawn was just this month, the “EXP Pro-Am.” Another match is set to go down at the beginning of August at this year’s X Games. The “X Game Tournament” will feature a combination of teams invited by developers as well as those teams who won last month’s qualifying tournaments. Both tournaments included prizes as well.

This isn’t the only news for the competitive multiplayer game. Apex Legends just recently introduced a brand new update into its online multiplayer after it released its second season. The update brought flyers, large dragon-like animals, into the game. The second season also updated several in-game maps like Kings Canyon.

With all of the tournaments coming up in such quick succession, there is little doubt that Respawn will make tournaments a recurring and frequent event for the game. Keep an eye out for the “The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational” coming up in early September.