Reports From The Wall Street Journal Confirm Two New Nintendo Switch Consoles

Reports From The Wall Street Journal Confirm Two New Nintendo Switch Consoles
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The Nintendo Switch is one of the best selling consoles to date. Since its launch, over 8.7 million units have sold. That’s quite an impressive feat. It’s not surprising either given the genius concept behind the Nintendo Switch.

You can play it on the TV or switch into a portable mode and game on the go. It’s completely up to you. Now that it’s firmly established amongst the best consoles on the market, it appears Nintendo isn’t done.

According to recent reports from the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has plans to unveil two new models. This is incredible news if you’re a Nintendo fan. The two models are expected to hit sometime this summer.

It’s almost a given that Nintendo would unveil these two new units at the upcoming E3 press conference. They’re one of the only major gaming companies that will showcase their latest products, so it makes sense that they would come with something big.

One of the models will have upgraded features, much like what the PlayStation 4 Pro did for Sony. These upgrades should give Switch fans better experiences and probably access to better graphics. The processing speeds should also be better, which is incredible the fathom given how great the original Switch already is.

As far as the other model, it will be much smaller. Essentially, it will be a Nintendo Switch mini. The smaller screen appears to be geared more towards portable gaming. Another benefit of a smaller screen is a cheaper price point. This is a smart business strategy from Nintendo, as it will surely enable them to reach more gamers who may have limited console budgets.

Both consoles will not have vibration features in the controls. It’s a small change, but one that shouldn’t make that much of a difference to casuals.

These two new versions of the Switch are interesting to say the least. Nintendo seems to realize just how important it is to keep increasing sales with the Switch entering its third year of being on the market.

Will gamers gravitate towards the new models? The buzz lately seems to be pointing towards yes. The prices of each have not been disclosed by any gaming news outlets, but still, there’s a lot to get excited about. Summer is almost around the corner, and you better believe we’ll see videos of gamers having hands-on experiences with these new versions. They could certainly live up to the hype.