Release Date And Preview Trailer Released For Tokyo Ghoul Creator Sui Ishida’s Upcoming Game

Release Date And Preview Trailer Released For Tokyo Ghoul Creator Sui Ishida’s Upcoming Game
Credit: Jack Jeanne via YouTube

Sui Ishida is well-known for creating the horror drama series Tokyo Ghoul. Ishida is now working with Broccoli and Happinet for a visual novel called Jack Jeanne.

Jack Jeanne is planned to be a visual novel combined with a musical rhythm game.

The game takes place at Univers Opera School, a performing arts school. The protagonist is a young student named Kisa Tachibana, who was invited to attend the prestigious school. The school has primarily taught male actors who play female and male roles, which was often done in Japanese theater.

Broccoli is experienced at making otome games. The developer brought the visual novel series Uta no Prince-sama to life, which combines romance with music. The mobile game based on the series, Shining Live, combines the franchise’ hit songs while allowing players to interact with their favorite idols.

Happinet is an entertainment company that has produced and distributed several anime titles, including Full Metal Panic and Chrono Crusade. They have announced interested in releasing Jack Jeanne on multiple platforms.

News of Jack Jeanne started years ago but is now being publicized. Ishida is writing the main story along with Shin Tawada, who helped write the Tokyo Ghoul light novels based on the manga series.

In charge of the music is Akira Kosemura, who has primarily worked on film scores. Lownine, a concept artist from Japan, is creating the unique character artwork.

The official website shows that there are different troupes at the school. The game will take in a variety of locations, though the majority of the game will be inside of the school. The background art shows some of the areas outside of the academy.

Six original short stories and concept artwork of the main characters have been published on the Jack Jeanne website.

It’s unknown if the title will be released outside of Japan. The only information so far has been short trailers, story and character descriptions, plus news about the Japanese release. This information may change as the launch date approaches since Happinet expressed interest in releasing more games related to the series outside of the Nintendo switch.

Jack Jeanne will launch in Japan on August 5, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch.