Reflection of Mine IS A Difficult Puzzle Game Headed For Xbox One, PS5, And Nintendo Switch

Reflection of Mine IS A Difficult Puzzle Game Headed For Xbox One, PS5, And Nintendo Switch
Credit: Steam XO

Ratalaika Games has struck again as they expand their catalog with another amazing port. Reflection of Mine is a unique title that is headed to Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. This title was created by solo indie dev Redblack Spade, but Ratalaika’s team is bringing his title to a brand new console audience.

The title will retain its original price and story. Players enter the wicked world of Lilly Witchgan, a girl with an identity disorder. Navigate the two sides of her personality and learn what holds her together as you explore unique puzzle environments and strange parallel worlds.

Enter into a unique game that focuses on dissociative identity disorders. The entire experience is inside the mind of Lilly, who must try and find her real personality among the many that resides inside her. This is a quest for individuality, self-esteem, and self-understanding.

The game will allow players to control two characters at the same time. The two versions of Lilly will mimic all movement as they continue through unique puzzle environments. Find the exit of each map and help navigate both halves of the girl to their designated places.

What one girl sees the other may not making for unique puzzle situations. One girl may see flowers, the other sees spikes, but they both share the same life. Travel through a world of madness as Lilly becomes a foreigner in her own body. Her memory shattered, she tries to remember life in a unique broken puzzle environment.

There is more than 10 hours worth of driving gameplay within this title. Enter into a unique psychological story as you are driven further into the darkness. Enjoy meeting each of the unique personalities as they come with their own style, view, and understanding of the world around them.

In total, there are 55 unique puzzles with tons of mechanical variations. Players will get to travel across 10 stages of a unique arcade mode and enjoy an inspiring yet original soundtrack that only goes to set the pace of the adventure ahead.

This game will challenge the player’s minds, patience, and understanding. Feel free to use a gamepad or even touch screen to navigate this title as it comes with tons of control options for fans to take advantage of.

Reflection of Mine is developed by Redblack Spade and has been available on Steam since 2017. Now, the game sees new life as it launches for Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch customers.