Red Hook Studios Unveils Latest Darkest Dungeon DLC, The Butcher’s Circus, A Multiplayer Expansion To The Game

Red Hook Studios Unveils Latest Darkest Dungeon DLC, The Butcher’s Circus, A Multiplayer Expansion To The Game
Credit: Gamespot Trailers

There are few games out there with a prestigious background as solid and lively as the Darkest Dungeon. This is a powerhouse of a game, and it is totally designed to kick your butt into high gear. Here’s how it all breaks down. This bad boy came out a few years ago around 2016, or at least a beta version of it did or something. And it was one wild, wild game. We are talking about a game you could kick back and chill with the boys with, but there was one major problem: It was a single-player game. And if you know anything about anything, then you will know this one impossible thing to move beyond.

As it turns out, there will be a new DLC coming out for the greatest game on the planet. And this DLC will unlock some powerful power levels for those of us looking to jump right in and tear things up. This one game will be so strong, you won’t even know what hit you. Here’s what we are talking about when we are talking about this one: The DLC, known only in some circles as The Butcher’s Circus, will teleport the player and their powerful warfighters into a kind of universe where the only thing you need to know is how to power up the strong and get rid of the weak.

The thing about Darkest Dungeon is that it is really, really hard to play. This is a brutal little role-playing game where every action you do will end up hurting or helping you.

For the first time, you will be able to take those difficulties to the enemy. We are talking about being able to do some truly crazy and wild, wild stuff. This is the kind of stuff you can’t get beyond. This is the kind of stuff you will need a strong arm and a mouse to win. What kind of stuff is this? Keep reading to hear more.

The simple fact of the matter is that the same rules you find in the regular version of the difficult Darkest Dungeon game will also be involved in The Butcher’s Circus.

You will need to keep their stress low, make sure they don’t die, and all of that crazy stuff. All we can say is this: Good luck if you find yourself playing this DLC. You are going to need it if you hope to survive until the very end.