Rainbow Six Siege’s Player Encountered Cheaters That Can Switch Opponent’s Operators

Rainbow Six Siege’s Player Encountered Cheaters That Can Switch Opponent’s Operators
Credit: Ubisoft via YouTube

When players meet with cheaters in the tactical shooter Ubisoft’s game, Rainbow Six Siege, they would typically experience a mixture of the wallhack, aim boat or DDoS attack. These types of cheaters aim to either kill their opponents quickly or avoid losses staining their records.

However, recently, an avid player is reported to have run into a game hack that allows the cheaters to do beyond the typical attacks, and that is to alter their opponent’s team composition. The newly found hack let cheaters switch the opponent’s team’s operators even after the selection.

The player that unluckily met with this new kind of cheaters goes by the name Lakii. A few days ago, he reported his experience in his Twitter with an attached video that shows his selected operator being unwillingly swapped out for another by one of the members of the opposing team.

During the selection, Lakii plays on the defense and locking in Caveira as his operator. As he was getting ready to play, he was chatted up with a message from a player who goes by the strange name, LOLXDFUNNYMEME.

The message reads, “Wait.” As Lakii replied “What,” the screen suddenly went dark and his selected operator, Caveira, was unexpectedly taken out of the lineup and instead, switched by the operator Bandit. After the switch, the strange player messaged him with “You play Bandit now.”

The short 18-seconds video clips attached to the tweet is mostly covered with the giggling sounds of the players as they witness the quite hilarious happenings. Nonetheless, the case of hacking and altering the opponents’ operators’ selection is not as funny as it seems considering the massive issue that it brings into the game, especially if increasing numbers of players are able to get their hands on this hack.

To show the authenticity of this issue, Lakii even went as far as tagging the support service of the game’s developer, Ubisoft Support. Afterward, Lakii also provides a follow-up where he reportedly encountered the same cheater in Ranked mode. He realized that the cheater could also hack on other things, including altering other players’ skin selections or allowing access to the developers’ skins.

Fortunately, this issue seems limited and has not been reported by other players, perhaps only for now. This limited phenomenon may be due to the company’s recent anti-cheating abolition. Under the Ubisoft’s anti-cheating regulations, gamers that are responsible for causing DDoS attacks that aim to bring down battles, for example, will be imposed with permanent bans.