Rainbow Six: Siege Devs Describe Coming Changes To Weaponry In Pre-Season Designer’s Notes Update

Rainbow Six: Siege Devs Describe Coming Changes To Weaponry In Pre-Season Designer’s Notes Update
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

There’s always something changing in competitive gaming while the devs work towards keeping gameplay fresh and moving forward. The latest set of changes to Rainbow Six: Siege was recently announced by the developers at Ubisoft, who outlined a handful of changes for the pre-season, as well as their hopes for what these changes could mean.

Changes are coming to the operators, but there are also a handful of adjustments being applied to the weaponry. We’ll get into the changes to the operators in another piece; for now, let’s focus on everything that Ubisoft is doing to the weaponry to see how this affects gameplay.

The Vector .45 has had its damage increased to 23 from 21, as the team felt it was underperforming. This slight damage upgrade is aimed at bringing the weapon into more effective play, as it seemed to put Goyo and Mira at a clear disadvantage. The team hopes that this small change will bring the weapon on par with other Defender weaponry.

They’ve also removed the Compensator attachment from DMRs, which is a change that affects Buck, Blackbeard, Dokkaebi, Twitch and Lion, and Maverick. Speaking on the removal, the devs stated the following:

“As semi-automatic weapons could not benefit from this attachment in Siege, we removed a potentially misleading option. As such it is not really a balancing change but the removal of something that was detrimental to this class of weapon. With this update, they will not have increased destructive power. It will result in greater soft destruction and easier barricade destruction.”

Frost players will now be able to grab a holo sight for Frost’s C9, which the team implemented to counter a few issues of balance as well. They’re hoping to take this as a first step “towards offering more choice to players and looking into the actual performance of this weapon.”

Speaking on Frag grenades, there are a handful of changes. Dokkaebi has had his frag grenades replaced with stun grenades, whereas Maverick and Nøkk have had their stun grenades and claymore replaced with frag grenades, respectively. Ying has also had her Claymore removed in favor of frag grenades. The hopes of these changes are to provide more versatility and play options to these Operators, with Ubisoft hoping the change will help with teamwork, attack, utility, and balance.

All in all, the changes each seem rather minor while helping to open up a new variety of options to play different operators in. We’ll see as time goes on how effective these changes are, as well as undoubtedly seeing more changes in the future.