PUBG Celebrate April Fools With A Fantasy Battle Royale

PUBG Celebrate April Fools With A Fantasy Battle Royale
Credit: PUBG

PUBG Corporation decided to get in on the holiday spirit with the day’s festivities. To celebrate, they’re giving their flagship title PUBG a fantasy spin!

The April Fools celebration comes in the form of an entirely new game mode that adds a radically different spin to the Battle Royale game mode. Available for a limited time, the new game mode brings in a fantasy class system to shake things up.

There are four classes to choose from, including Barbarian, Paladin, Ranger, and Wizard. Each has a unique playstyle and brings their own tools to the table, but you’ll have to try out each to see what best suits you.

Fantasy Battle Royale also has completely different rules. You’ll be fighting on the land of Dragon’s Isle with TPP only. There’s a maximum of 80 players per match, up to 20 squads of 4. The game mode does not support parties of 1 or 3, but will autofill you to have suitable companions.

Friendly fire is disabled for the match, and you also won’t earn any XP rewards. BP is earned based on your total gameplay time rather than your performance. The Fantasy Battle Royale matches will not count towards the Survivor Pass, but there are still some unique exclusive awards to earn.  Completing Fantasy Battle Royale exclusive missions will help you earn special Fantasy mode rewards!

There’s also an entirely new crafting system for you to explore. Fantasy Battle Royale has its own set of world spawns, which are primarily crafting materials. While bandages will still spawn, you won’t be able to find weapons, ammo, throwables, boosts, or equipment without crafting it yourself.

“It’s important for us that you know Fantasy BR wasn’t some giant use of our development resources,” PUBG Corp says in the announcement to cut off fans that would yell at them for developing a silly game mode instead of working on the core game. “It is mostly some creative new art on top of a few bits of code to change how things that already exist in PUBG work. We know that what we spend our time on is important to you, especially while some persistent issues remain unfixed right now.”

All in all, Fantasy Battle Royale is an extremely silly game mode that brings a much-needed breath of silliness into an incredibly hectic world right now. Hop into Dragon’s Isle and pick out what class works best for you so you can claim the treasure of Erangel! The winner claims Ye Olde Chicken Dinner, so get to it!