Prison Architect Is Prepared To Expand Its ‘Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition’ To PC This November

Prison Architect Is Prepared To Expand Its ‘Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition’ To PC This November
Credit: Paradox Interactive via YouTube

Paradox Interactive has finally revealed its latest expansion for Prison Architect’s Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition, which is coming to screens on November 21, 2019. All for a proposed price of $5.99 / £4.70/ € 5.99. Although Psych Ward started on consoles 2017, Warden’s Edition includes additional content not currently available for consoles. Still, they plan to launch a free content update to the foundation.

On that note, Double Eleven will launch a new ward with crazy inmates and erratic behaviors. One thing that would excite players is the ability to customize their prison. This new update comes with padded solitary cells, padded floors, additional Warden, well-mannered staff, psychiatrist, office upgrades, and a lot more.
This Edition is also built to improve Prison Architect’s current gameplay to offer players new and impressive ways to move through the game.

Steacy Mcllwham, Head Manager for Prison Architect, said, ‘Each attribute in this expansion comes with its own set of scenarios and opportunities that requires gamers to get inventive with their prison management. Then he went on to say, Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition, is just the beginning of our plans for Prison Architect. There’s more in the works that would be coming soon.’
Warden’s Edition will be the first PC expansion to come out since Paradox Interactive bought the Prison Architect franchisee and collaborated with Double Eleven developers earlier this year.

The Double Eleven developers also released another trailer that teases another expansion to be out next year.


Warden’s Edition Key Features

There are vital features that come in the Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition:

  • Shrinks: Prisons that hold the criminally crazy will need teams of trained orderlies and psychiatrists that keep the ward in check. They also can sedate stubborn prisoners or take of work-suits when things get too loud.
  • Declare Insanity: Criminally crazy inmates are irrational; they require special attention. Players should consider the reputation of their criminal inmates when building prisons. Players can also allow their inmates to mix with the general population or lock them away; it all depends on the player’s choice.
  • Added New Behavior: Players can now manage a plethora of behaviors demonstrated by their inmates. Usually, inmates start harmless, but if not controlled, they start raging or even try to escape.
  • Doctor’s Aid: Players can now provide counseling to their inmates with the new office and consultations sessions. They can also upgrade their offices with medicine cabinets, leather sofas, and much more.
  • It has gotten even crazier: This gets even stricter, with players having to subject their inmates to sedatives that can turn them criminally stupid. On this occasion, Players should treat their regular inmates with care to avoid them raging.
  • Tools of the trade: adrenaline shots, contrabands, gold pocket watches, even fountain pens, can be stolen by your inmates. Yes! Or players can also take inmate’s accessories in escape mode.
  • Added Padding: In Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition, padded cells, and floors are combined with a bunch of new objects like customizable prison, floors and even the ability to build a dedicated wing for the criminally crazy.

Overall, this new Edition is morphing to be a good one this season.