Pokemon Might Have Debunked The Theory That Ash’s Dad Has Long Been Dead

Pokemon Might Have Debunked The Theory That Ash’s Dad Has Long Been Dead

Pokemon Might Have Debunked The Theory That Ash’s Dad Has Long Been Dead

Pokemon Might Have Debunked The Theory That Ash’s Dad Has Long Been Dead

Pokémon is known as a friendly game, and the franchise is amiable, but in spite of its image, the company has a lot of theories and conspiracies. Fans are aware of some of these curiosities, but some things haven’t been revealed yet.

There are a lot of inquiries from fans such as they’re curious if Pokémon has just disproved the theory about what happened to the dad of Ash Ketchum. Pokémon might have exposed that Ash’s dad is still alive.

For those who don’t know, Ash’s dad has been out of the narrative for quite a time now. At the start of Pokémon’s narrative, Ash is just growing up, and he’s alone with his mom and the dependable Mr. Mime.

There’s no information about what happened to Ash’s father, although there are hints that he became a Pokémon trainer. There are a lot of speculations, and they are helpful at times because they can lead to various credible and hopeful narratives.

Because no definite information ’s been shared yet, there are a lot of fans who have speculated that the father of Ash might be dead. Some say that Ash’s dad might have died during a journey or he might stop breathing while Ash was still a kid.

However, thanks to a brand new episode on Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon, because the conspiracy might now be forgotten.

It’s impossible that there would be no loose narratives on every story, be it cinema, novel, television series, or anime. There’s no perfect storyline however engaging it is. There’s a need for loose ends because they make fans think. And of course, there is a need to imagine for those who love to be engaged with a good narrative.

They don’t want to be spoon-fed because there’s fun at thinking about what will happen to their favorite characters, or what happened to some characters when they can’t be seen on the screen anymore.

Pokémon has aired its most recent episode over the weekend, and the story follows the gang of Ash as they explored Poni Island. The group learned about the guardian of the locale who has the power to gift individuals the ability to communicate with their beloveds who are already deceased.

Mallow has met her mother who has long been dead. However, Ash hasn’t tried that power, and it might upset some fans. And they might think that Ash’s dad is still out there. It might only take a matter of time before Pokémon expose that the old man is still living.

Pokémon didn’t confirm anything about what happened to Ash’s dad. There are also other people within Ash’s party who’ve lost a parent, and their history hasn’t been explored.

The franchise might be brewing a storyline, and they’ll bring back the father of Ash for a surprise twist.