Plague Inc: Evolved Releases A New Scenario Called Fake News, Shows Light On Post-Truth Society

Plague Inc: Evolved Releases A New Scenario Called Fake News, Shows Light On Post-Truth Society
Credit: GyLala via YouTube

Plague Inc has experienced unmitigated success since initially launching on mobile platforms, spreading soon after to the Steam store.  The developers, Ndemic Creations, have continued to add content to the game ranging from Apes Gone Wild to Vampiric hordes, and scenarios both official and fan-created.  The game has become such a phenomenon that it’s given birth to a board game of the same name, and has also brought Rebel Inc. to life on Steam stores.

The game has never shied from controversy; from mocking flat-earthers to anti-vaxxers, the developers have made a name for themselves for being unerringly honest throughout the various offered campaigns.

This trend continues with the recent patch adding ‘Fake News’ to the game, tasking the player with crafting a narrative for reasons; who to blame, why to create the narrative, who will push your disingenuous tale across the world.  Much like crafting a nefarious disease, you’ll have to be selective how you take your ‘Funds’ (formally DNA points) to continue your dastardly plan of misinformation.

The scenario actually plays out rather well, despite it sounding both niche and more for giggles than gameplay, there’s a decent amount of depth for players to explore.  Beyond crafting whatever narrative you choose, there’s also abilities worth consideration beyond the title, that carries into reality rather well.

You’ll find yourself constantly fighting those that are already ‘informed’ against your misinformation campaign; your ultimate objective is to hold the majority of the population of the world within your misinformation campaign, thus creating a post-truth world.  Those who find themselves a bit more cynical may argue that the reality of post-truth has already very much arrived, yet ushering in the era in a virtual world is just as satisfying.

Ndemic Creations have teamed up with both ‘Full Fact’ and ‘PolitiFact’ to bring this scenario that borders between interesting and dystopic, and they both have random highlighted quotes from each organization.  The irony that these organizations have disagreed with each other in the past on what the ‘Truth’ is, has apparently been lost on all organizations involved.

This scenario that brings some ugly realities into the game world are sure to frustrate some and amuse others.  The underlying message, however, that many truths are conceived and spun for citizens of various nations to believe and adhere to for ultimately deceitful outcomes, is very much based on unalienable fact.

The update couldn’t have come at a better time, either, with the United States election season starting in full swing.