Overland Game Release Date Finally Out; Would It Be Worth The Wait?

Overland Game Release Date Finally Out; Would It Be Worth The Wait?

Overland Game Release Date Finally Out; Would It Be Worth The Wait?

Overland Game Release Date Finally Out; Would It Be Worth The Wait?

The indie game Overland finally has an official release date. Will it strike enough interest from gamers?

This fall, the long wait will be over at last. Excited players can already experience its gameplay as well as its uniqueness compared to those in the same category.

Its developer, Finji, may still have a lot to prove but its teaser appears to be successful in encouraging curiosity. Many fans of survival strategy games appeared to be curious about trying it out.

Shark Music commented on a PC Gamer report that he is glad that it is still happening. He noted that after hearing hints about it years ago, he did not get any new Overland game updates thereafter.

In the YouTube announcement of PlayStation 4 about its release, many gamers shared their reactions about this newest development. A lot of them expressed their excitement to play it.

Pahul Singh said he loves the style and that it inspires him further to be in the game. For Generation Gaming UK, the game looks “awesome,” overall.

He also added that the style is both unique and beautiful. Meanwhile, Lucas DC specifically cited the mood of Overland game as the reason for his excitement.

The game’s Steam page suggested that much is needed in order to survive. Being in the post-apocalyptic era in North America, the players face different challenges.

The game is full of instances when the players have to adopt the best option to live continuously. Among the things they need to consider are the weapons and fuel supplies. They likewise need to look into other important and must-have survival items.

Here is a list of the things that the players would experience and take into consideration. These are part of their unending journey with the help of their car from one point to another:

Limited Resources

Surviving after an apocalypse is surely a difficult situation. This is even made harder with the scarcity of resources. Thus, players must have the much-needed management skills.

Encounter with the Monsters

Unlike other survival games, the monsters are not the most basic concern in this game. The players need not expect to murder monsters now and then.


In the quest to survive, some characters may have to be sacrificed at some point. In short, their death could be the only way for the players to continue living.

Keep posted for more Overland game news and updates! More are expected in the coming days, especially that it only has a final release date.