Over One Thousand People Line Up For New Nintendo Switch In South Korea In The Wake Of COVID-19 Pandemic

Over One Thousand People Line Up For New Nintendo Switch In South Korea In The Wake Of COVID-19 Pandemic
Credit: Pokemon Home Website

Everyone knows South Korea is the video game capital of the world. We are talking about a place where video games reach their full maturation. A realm of magic and gathering things and all of the rest of it. It’s just a big place any way you look at it, and you can get kimchi and delicious food and all of that stuff and it really is great and fun, truly. Anyway, this is a place that is a wild, wild west, and we can find all sorts of craziness going on over there. And in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, things are taking a turn to pastures never before seen.

Because in South Korea, the pandemic is almost entirely under control. From the very beginning, the people in South Korea established a system of testing and tracking so specific that it allowed them to get the daily death toll at 0. What ended up happening there, much like it has here, has created a thirst for games, and people are looking for something both portable and fun. A super game is known for its specific properties to play and enjoy and all of the rest of it. And a lot of it had to with the great game known as Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


So anyway, when the gaming system got back out there and people were looking to once again get a little bit funky with it, they bum-rushed the gaming store and tried to take it over in one fell swoop. What are we talking about specifically? Well, we are talking about people getting the chance to play the games and all of that stuff.

These folks ended up lining up in a line that was over one thousand people long. That’s a pretty long line, and it stretched around the block all for Nintendo Switches. That’s a good time if you think about it, and there’s little danger of coronavirus over there. That’s just wild.

If you happen to be a Nintendo Switch lover, then perhaps the land of South Korea is the perfect place for you to move and love. It is just a wild, wild world of fun enjoyment.

The Nintendo Switch first came out in 2016, and ever since its initial release, the gaming system has been revolutionizing the world of gameplay and you can really lean into it and enjoy every last delicious and succulent play. What a wonderful universe we are all living in. Be sure to check out the Nintendo Switch at the first opportunity you can.