One Punch Man: The Strongest 2D Battle Card Game Announced For Mobile

One Punch Man: The Strongest 2D Battle Card Game Announced For Mobile
Credit: One Punch Man The Strongest via Facebook

Developer Playcrab, along with Publisher Ourpalm Co. are teaming up to bring One Punch Man to mobile devices.

One Punch Man: The Strongest is the first licensed mobile game for the series. The title is a 2D strategy game using card battles.

The voice cast from the animated series will be returning to reprise their roles in the card game. Players will get to listen to their favorite characters voice various lines and call out attacks.

“Players can fight along with Saitama, “The Strongest Hero”, meet challenges of various disasters and monsters. And you can recruit various heroes and monsters, and form your exclusive strongest lineup. Through smart strategy thinking and combination of unique character features and skills, you can dominate the battlefield and enjoy amazing gaming experience!” states the Play Store game description.

One Punch Man stars Saitama, a man who trailed for three years and became a hero for fun. He is known for his “one punch” attack that will instantly defeat any foe. The series revolves around Saitama and his adventures, plus the other heroes he meets.

The developer is currently holding a pre-register campaign. The more layers that pre-register, the higher the rewards. Everyone who signs up now will receive 100 Gems, Groceries Refresh Coupon x2, Epic Voucher x1, EXP Soda II x30, and 50,000 Coins. For every 100,000 that sign up, players will receive various amounts of Gems. The ultimate reward for pre-registering is an iPhone 11 Pro, which one player will receive randomly.

The game’s development was supervised by the production committee, which includes Shueisha. The game closely follows the animation style.

The official website has a brief introduction to characters who appear in the game, including their voice actor and a quote. Some of the popular characters who will appear include Genos, Fubuki, and King.

Pre-registration ends on June 16, which means the game may be released around this time.

To pre-register, players much first be logged into their iOS or Google account, then click to pre-register for the game. When One Punch Man: The Strongest is available, players who pre-registered will receive a notification on their devices to download it immediately.

One Punch Man: The Strongest will be released on the App Store and Play Store.