One Of The Hottest Role-Playing Games Out Now, Outer Worlds, Delays Switch Port Due To Coronavirus

One Of The Hottest Role-Playing Games Out Now, Outer Worlds, Delays Switch Port Due To Coronavirus
Credit: steamXO

When we first found out the kings behind the original Fallout, as well as behind the powerhouse addition to the new Fallout, Fallout: New Vegas, was coming out with a brand new game, we all flipped our lids. There are few things in the world as satisfying as learning a new and truly great game is coming to a new console near you. And this bad boy was coming to the Nintendo Switch, which means it was going to be available for enjoyment for anyone with half of a full brain.

Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, everything changed before we could even reach out and grasp our reward for being such good and patient gamers if you know what I mean. The Outer Worlds title, perhaps the longest awaited port in the game right now, was finally delayed to make room for more of the Coronavirus protection scheme. That’s right. The big cats had to cancel it this time. Keep reading to find out exactly how it went down.

In the words of the late and great Major General Smedley Butler, “War is a racket.” And Outer Worlds falls into the same universe that also says things like, “War… War never changes.” But we sincerely hope the game itself is not a racket.

As it turns out, this Coronavirus thing is really taking down games left and right. The WHO issued a direct order telling the people of the world that the Coronavirus was almost a pandemic-level world threat, and the governments around the world are now moving the machinery around to make sure this bad boy will not end up hurting all of us. We will have to wait and see if we can be saved or not.

But one casualty of this deadly virus is the great and powerful port of the new Outer Worlds game we were all waiting for and expected, the developers, which were also behind the original Fallout, had to cancel the game at the last second.

They have promised all of their big-time fans that the game will eventually make it out to Nintendo Switch, so in the end, there is nothing to worry about too much. But it truly is a scary and worrying experience. We will all be sitting here waiting. Good luck to everyone, my young cosmonauts. You’re going to need it this time, truly.

Outer Worlds will be coming out for Nintendo Switch as soon as the Coronavirus peacefully passes us by.