One Fan Was Able To Achieve An Amazing Feat In The Outer Worlds On The Highest Difficulty Setting

One Fan Was Able To Achieve An Amazing Feat In The Outer Worlds On The Highest Difficulty Setting
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

The Outer Worlds has been one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2019. Obsidian Entertainment promised unique and varied worlds that your created character would have the pleasure of exploring for the greater good of society. The game just came out last month, and already, it’s clear Obsidian is fulfilling their promises.

The game has sold exceptionally well out of the gate. Fans really seem to be digging what Obsidian was able to achieve. They really have a firm grasp on this genre, which is evident in their previous work Fallout: New Vegas. What fans are really loving as of late are the various difficulty settings. The harder modes attract a lot of gamers, who want to test their mettle to see if they can get through the game with harder enemies and less resources at their disposal.

The hardest difficulty setting is pretty insane in The Outer Worlds. One wrong step and it could be lights out for your character. That’s what makes it so impressive that a fan was able to achieve something extraordinary. On the hardest setting — Supernova —  they were able to get through the game without landing a single punch or shooting any ammunition. That man is Kyle Hinckley. You might remember him doing something similar in the previous game, Fallout 4.

Kyle was able to use his superior wit to go through the entire game as a pacifist. That’s quite an impressive feat. There are certain sections in The Outer Worlds that simply warrant battle. And yet, Kyle was able to use his character’s charm and his own critical-thinking skills to get past these difficult sections.

The ability to customize your character with particular skills is a standout feature in this game. It gives players the chance to approach gameplay however they see fit, whether they want to remain peaceful like Kyle was or duke it out with every character they come across. There are so many possibilities in this game that lead to hours and hours of content. It’s a game you could spend months with and still find a good bit of trouble to get into.

No matter how you decide to approach the game, you’re constantly captivated. The worlds are astonishingly beautiful to explore firsthand and the NPCs have a lot of depth to them. The Outer Worlds hits all of the right notes you would hope for in an RPG of this caliber. Who knows what the community will do with it next?