NexusMods Announces Winners Of The Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Screenshot Contest

NexusMods Announces Winners Of The Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Screenshot Contest
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

NexusMods have announced the winners of their Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshot competition; where they asked players to capture the most aesthetically pleasing environments they could find in the open-world wild west romp.  Winners would receive Steam gift cards in exchange for their screenshot archery skills.

There were few limitations in place; screenshots needed to be taken from the in-game photo mode, and then uploaded to NexusMods image library.  Mods were more than welcome (as it is being hosted by a Mod library website), although if console owners felt like they could compete, they weren’t unwelcome in the competition.

What resulted was over 250 fantastic images that were submitted by hopeful Steam card recipients, showcasing everything from scenic and idyllic vistas to Dutch van der Linde being replaced by a Turkey, and near everything in between.  Fans of Skyrim readily know how wacky mods can get on the Nexus, and much of the same can be found already for Red Dead Redemption 2, despite Take-Two suing a modder in court for modding.

The team at NexusMods had the arduous task of sorting through all of the submitted images and brought three clear winners that stood out from the rest.  The entirety of the gallery is worth sorting through, and you could set up a simple script that would download and rotate the images automatically making for a fantastic background for your PC that is decidedly western themed.

3rd Place – ‘Riding into the Sunset’ by itaberless

In third place came user ‘itaberless’ in his shot titled ‘Riding into the Sunset’.  Warm colors abound in a shot taken in a forested glen, with god rays framing Arthur Morgan thanks to a tree blocking the sun.  It’s a decidedly achromatic shot as ‘itaberless’ opted for an in-game photo filter that also removes a bit of the detailing in the background along with the colors.

‘itaberless’ received a £10 Steam gift card for his shot.

2nd Place – ‘Alone’ by jabmasta

In second place came jabmasta’s shot, featuring Arthur Morgan standing on a street in Saint Denis as a carriage moves past.  While the scene hosts multiple individuals, a standing lamp over Arthur highlights him as a lone individual in a new world.  Fantastic lighting lets the image tell a story in a beautiful high-resolution shot.

NexusMods user ‘jabmasta’ has received a £25 Steam gift card for his troubles.

1st Place – ‘Desert Beauty’ by Raz3d

If you’ve been gazing at the two runner ups and wondering what could beat them, ‘Raz3d’ offers a stunning landscape filled with color, beauty, fantastic lighting and astounding textures.  The clouds rolling overhead casting shadows on the landscape with plateaus in the distance gives tremendous depth, while the near cacti show the lighting engine hard at work.

NexusMods user ‘Raz3d’ has been awarded the £50 Steam gift card for his efforts in capturing the pinnacle of the wild west in Red Dead Redemption 2.