New Gameplay And Map Revealed From Need For Speed Heat As The Game Goes Gold

New Gameplay And Map Revealed From Need For Speed Heat As The Game Goes Gold
Credit: EA via YouTube

Racing fans, rejoice, as Need for Speed Heat has finally gone gold. After a couple of disappointing releases in the franchise, the folks at Ghost Games are looking revitalize the series by focusing on the most important thing in the game: racing.

As with most racing games these day, Need for Speed Heat takes place in a huge open world that is yours to explore. That world is the fictional Palm City, based on the real-world location of Miami, Florida. The game is taking a different approach to the standard Need for Speed formula, allowing players to choose between night and day to tackle different kinds of races. Earlier today, the full map of Palm City was revealed via Twitter:

During the day, you’ll be taking part in an official competition known as the Speedhunter Showdown. During the Speedhunter challenges, you’ll be facing off against other drivers in races, off-road challenges, and drift events. Because these are events are all part of a sanctioned tournament, you’ll be racing along closed-off streets with crowds of on-lookers watching your every move. Daytime races will earn you cash in order to purchase new cars and upgrade them with a variety of new parts and accessories.

At night, however, everything changes. Nighttime is all about illegal street racing which will earn you Rep, building your status among your fellow racers. However, the more rep you have, the more the police are going to want to take you down, and this time around, they are a force to be reckoned with. As you race around the city, the police will be hot on your tail, and they can utilize a number of interesting tactics to try and take you down. Police cars will not only ram you and try to make you spin out, they’ll use advanced flanking maneuvers and even take advantage of helicopter support to track you down.

In honor of the game going gold, EA’s Community Manager Ben Walke has released a couple of new clips showcasing the game’s impressive graphics and getting people hyped for the release. Check out his tweets below.

If you played the previous title in the franchise, Need for Speed Payback, you’ll be happy to know that the microtransactions and upgrade system that plagued the game are gone from Need for Speed Heat. No more randomized lootboxes in order to get new parts. Now, everything you purchase in-game is done with the in-game currency earned from racing, and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you drop your hard-earned cash.

Need for Speed Heat is set for release on November 8, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.