MythBusters: The Game Announce Trailer; Fills Hole Left By The End Of The Series

MythBusters: The Game Announce Trailer; Fills Hole Left By The End Of The Series
Credit: Byte Barrel via YouTube

MythBusters the TV series officially ended on February 2018. To satisfy the public’s need for insane experiments, there’s now a video game.

MythBusters was a long-running, iconic series. For fifteen years, the team used science and engineering to put to rest some of the most ordinary rumors to ground-breaking experiments on the most outlandish theories.

That’s what the game primarily is. An experiment simulator. For the first time, it’ll be possible to recreate or re-imagine your favorite experiments from the show in a video game.

Developed by Byte Barrel and published by Movie Games S.A and PlayWay S.A, this is an official game for the series. Though from the trailer it doesn’t look like the hosts, Jamie and Adam, make an appearance, the experiments look a lot like those from the series.

Experiments, says developer Byte Barrel, will differ in complexity. Some are simple manufacturing jobs, glueing together rockets to test how explosive cement mixers are, whereas others will require more ingenuity.

The game looks like a simulator, a bit like Cooking Simulator or one of the more wacky games, like Dentist Simulator. Piecing together the experiments will be big the biggest part of the game, though few details have been released concerning the planning or blueprint stage.

Fans of the series are concerned about the trailer, and maybe rightfully so. This official trailer looks more like a pre-rendered game concept rather than a gameplay trailer. Trailers like this are always notoriously deceptive, and if the YouTube comments are anything to go by, fans aren’t convinced by the trailer.

So far the developer, Byte Barrel, is pretty much unproven when it comes to games. A quick search gives up just one other game in their roster, a title called Beta Object. However, the MythBusters official game is supported by the Discovery games studio, from the famous Discovery TV channel.

This might give the game some reliability. It should release in the first half of 2020 for most platforms, like Xbox, PlayStation and potentially the Nintendo Switch. It’s built in Unity – or it looks like it from the trailer – so it should be playable on most formats. There’s also a Steam wishlist page already up, so expect a PC release, too.