Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3 Has Made Its Way To Google Stadia

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3 Has Made Its Way To Google Stadia
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Google Stadia is the streaming platform that’s trying to revolutionize the way people play games. Google is doing everything they can to champion this platform. One of these tactics is adding a bunch of games to the platform. It was announced that over a 100 new games are heading to the library, which is music to your ears if you got in on this system when it first launched.

One of these titles that’s now available on the streaming service is Monster Energy Supercross 3. If you like extreme sports games, then it’s a welcomed addition that you might want to consider picking up. The mechanics and content have improved compared to the previous installments.

For example, the air mechanics are now more realistic than ever. That’s what you want to see in a game that focuses a lot on jumping over trails and ramps. Being able to perform technical maneuvers with your favorite rider or created character just gives you all the more action and racing sequences to enjoy.

Milestone S.r.l has re-captured the feeling of the 2019 AMA Monster Energy Supercross events perfectly in this game. There are so many realistic tracks you’ll get to race on, as well as numerous riders to choose from. Both the 450SX and 250SX categories have been included for a faithful supercross experience.

The career mode is everything you want in a racing game like this, and the developer even took the liberty to add an addicting co-op mode. You can drive around with a friend in a compound that real supercross riders use today during their warmups. You can race each other to harness your skills around various terrains, or you can simply free ride through the trails and do as you please. The co-op mode really opens this franchise up to more social experiences, which is great to see.

Back again is the track editor. It’s perfect for letting your imaginations run wild when creating unique courses. Once you create one, you can upload it to the public server and let everyone enjoy your creations. Or, you can see what the community has created and take tracks for a spin yourself. The creativity has never been better in the series.

Although the lineup for Google Stadia is still slim, it’s nice to see a game like Monster Energy Supercross 3 being added to the lineup. More great games like this are hopefully on the way.